3 recruitment innovations to embrace in 2018

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There's no doubting the competitiveness of the Australian recruitment industry, particularly in fields like construction, IT and finance where there's a shortage of skilled workers available to take on new roles. This can make it difficult for businesses to secure top talent, unless they have the right support to cut through the competition and …

Innovation by inclusion: The benefits of diversity in the workplace

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Almost everybody agrees that more diverse workforces are a good thing for Australian businesses. What's a little more complicated, however, is breaking down the benefits of diversity in the workplace, and making use of these to improve the way an organisation operates.

Fortunately, the last few years have seen the publishing of several differen…

How to promote diversity in your construction workforce

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Do you know what it takes to assemble an effective, well-rounded team of workers that will help achieve the goals of your construction business? While most employers recognise the need for the right skills and qualifications, there is one ingredient that can easily slip under the radar - diversity. Organisations that embrace a range of genders, …

How to make the most of Australia's gig economy

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The gig economy is gaining ground in numerous industries across Australia, with many workers, particularly from the younger generations, attracted by more flexible and independent work arrangements instead of the traditional nine-to-five job. Opportunities in a wide range of industries, including digital IT recruitment, are set up on a task-by-t…

Rail projects to drive future construction growth

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Rail is one of most important components of Australia's transport infrastructure, and having a well-built, efficient rail system is vital for economic developments across every state in the country. With a range of new rail projects close on the horizon, the prospects are good for both individuals and businesses that rely on rail transport, and …

Mate, are you OK? Addressing mental health in construction

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What would you do if you noticed a work mate was struggling with their mental health? With no easy solution to such a sensitive topic, it's no wonder that the construction industry's high rates of depression, suicide and substance abuse are causing a stir both in Australia and globally.

Luckily, initiatives such as MATES in Construction are pro…

How the engineering sector will become more diverse in 2017

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Outside of the many new technology developments that will change the business world in 2017, one trend uniting companies across industries is a greater focus on diversity initiatives. Business leaders are becoming more aware of the issues associated with various male-dominated industries and the role they have in changing them. 

While the engin…