Stakeholder and Government Relations Advisor

Role Title – Stakeholder and Government Relations Advisor

Start date - ASAP

End date - 6 months from the start date

Payrate - $700/day (Excluding Super)

The Stakeholder and Government Relations Advisor designs and undertakes activities that increase staff and stakeholder engagement to improve public trust and organisational health in alignment with the strategic direction of the organisation.

Key accountabilities

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to develop content and deliver effective communications using a range of channels, technology and methods to support delivery of organisational objectives
  • Develop, implement and evaluate strategic engagement initiatives to optimise organisational health and improve staff engagement.
  • Develop and implement appropriate engagement techniques to engage and inform external stakeholders on relevant issues.
  • Liaise with subject matter experts to identify opportunities to build public trust in the organisation to inform engagement and communications strategies.
  • Provide timely and relevant advice to Managers on staff and stakeholder engagement strategies to inform decision making and achieve business objectives.
  • Collaborate with other relevant business units and functions to ensure optimal service delivery of engagement initiatives and organisational objectives.
  • Build a sound understanding of and apply learning from engagement activities to respond to emerging issues of stakeholder interest.
  • Stay abreast of the latest insights, practices and capabilities in staff and stakeholder engagement to provide up-to-date advice to Manager that reflect industry best practice.

Key challenges

  • Effectively working on simultaneous projects within defined timeframes, whilst being responsive and resilient in a changing environment with competing demands
  • Managing high volume ongoing engagement channels while exploring options for improved alternative approaches
  • Maintaining awareness and capability when responding to engagement challenges for both internal staff and external stakeholders

Key knowledge and experience

  • Knowledge of current and emerging trends in communications, particularly digital communications and engagement.
  • Experience in translating complex information into simple plain English content to improve customer experience.
  • Experience in developing content for multiple audience groups and for use in different channels