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There are two things you should know about Dervla, firstly she’s an awesome consultant and secondly she LOVES the Spice Girls. 

But this Irish contract specialist is no wannabe and with 3 years’ experience she is no baby to the professional / technical market she works within. 

NSW State Government can be scary for some recruiters, but not Dervla who doesn’t step gingerly into things.

In fact her competitors rarely get even a sporty chance. Dervla’s the real deal, she’s certainly no im’posh’ture.

Dervla knows her candidates and is able to drill down into who they think they are and what they really, really want. 

So if you want to spice up your recruitment life then you need look no further than Dervla!

Too many spice girl puns? Ok, no more we promise. We’ll stop right now.

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Environmental Engineer - Specialist - STEM
Deliver environmental sustainability projects target net-0 carbon emissions,energy efficiency,renewable energy & efficient use of natural resources. view
Sustainability Manager
Focus on strategic delivery of projects across medium/large organisations. Manage consultants & service provider partnerships & stakeholder engagement view

real jobs/real reviews

Role filled: Project Support Officer
Client: Sydney Metro

"I would definitely recommend Dervla, the level of professionalism shown with handling all matters. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my employment search, providing great advice to prep for interviews. Also, helped me secure my current role! Thanks”

Role filled: Project Officer Asset Services
Client: Department of Education

"Dervla is amazing person, she is so professional, supportive and organised. She is always responding to my inquiries and answering my phone calls even during weekends.”

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