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Jess works within our Public Sector team and looks after ‘Specialist’ recruitment categories such as HR, Communications, Marketing and Policy.

Jess also loves all things sporty. But her true, guilty pleasure is reality TV and when she’s not recruiting she’s often engrossed in one of her favourites. But don’t get us wrong, Jess is no recruitment apprentice, this Aussie recruiter’s got talent.

Jess might be warm and friendly but underneath it all she’s a true survivor. Her competitors run to the hills when they’re up against her.

What makes her so good? Jess has boundless energy, she’s never idol. And even though her ego’s not big, brother can she recruit. We’re not strictly saying that Jess is the voice of a recruitment generation, but we are saying she could be Australia’s next top recruiter.

Always dances to: The Spice Girls

Check out the jobs I have on our job board right now, read some articles and get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


CALL: 02 8346 6707


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Marketing Officer , We have a three month contract working on the ‘Don’t be a Tosser!’ campaign based in Parramatta for $56.50 per hour + super view


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Jess is fantastic. She has been ultra helpful and processed my new role expediently. She followed up regularly and has a bright and engaging personality. I’m very pleased with her efforts and look forward to continuing my working relationship with her.


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