Network & Security Gavin Brennan


Gavin is the Networks and Security part of our Dublin recruitment team. 

He also has more than a passing resemblance to Russell Crowe and is often asked if they’re related.  He has, on the odd occasion (he admits, shamefaced), claimed to be the Kiwi legend or at least related to him and has even signed autographs and posed for photos.  He may even have been asked by the Crowe estate to kindly stop.  We’d hate to fuel the fire any further, we wouldn’t do that, we’re nice guys.

Gavin’s recruitment skills have been described as beautiful. Mind you, noah one would deny that he’s effective. He is master and commander of the Dublin IT security and networking market where he has found work for some amazing candidates insider range of Europe’s most exciting organisations.

Gavin’s other passion in life is shepherds pie.  At first he felt bad about the poor sheep that had to die to create his favourite dish.  But in the end (wait for it…) he was glad ‘e ate ‘er. 

Check out the jobs I have on our job board right now, read some articles and get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


CALL: +353 87 793 9688


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NOC Engineer - Entry Level , Exciting opportunity to join a thriving Global IT Company. Looking for Talented Post Graduates to join their infrastructure team. view


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Thank you so much for you help to get me a new job, Gavin! It has been painless and smooth to have you as my recruiter. Thank you for keeping your word and being on time when we had a scheduled phone call or something. Would recommend you to anybody who is looking for the next step in their career.


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