Cyber Security & Risk Jonathon Browne


Jon may be a mild mannered recruiter by day but he loves nothing better than cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  He’s concerned that if this got out it may ruin his rugged image. He’s asked us not to mention it. Obviously we agreed. We wouldn’t want to offend him with some half baked puns.

Jon spent some time recruiting in Australia before we managed to poach him back to Dublin to run our Cyber Security & Risk desk.  Jon has wasted no time getting bake in the saddle. There's no roast for the wicked and oven as we speak Jon is making a name for himself as a peeler of the Cyber Security & Risk community.

But Jon’s no flash in the pan recruiter. He’ll whisk life and limb to make sure he delivers, and his clients think he’s grate. 

But to make sure we don’t upset him we’ll stop the terrible cooking puns now, its oil in good fun.

Check out the jobs I have on our job board right now, or get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.




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