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Adam is a very supportive and friendly person, we talked few times and found him very professional and curtious along the whole recruitment process.

Adam provided me with exceptional service, he really understood our business needs and ensured to present ONLY the candidates that met the full criteria. He went above and beyond and I really enjoyed every dealing with him. He is not your typical recruiter. He is next level and I hope this is relayed back to Adam because he deserves this recognition and we wish him every success in his career. I only like working with Adam as an external agency provider so this speaks volume as to his efforts and professionalism. He helped nexon find someone (even though it was a contractor) for a very very critical role in our business. I appreciate all his hard work and service. He has patience, understands really well, articulated the candidate he is presenting very well and shows compassion to the situation we have on hand. Excellent work Adam - We really appreciate you! Thank you. Jasmina

Dear Adam, I wanted to thank you for your exceptional efforts during the recruitment process. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and communication were outstanding. Your expertise and dedication were crucial in securing my job offer at AAAAAA. Thank you for creating a seamless and efficient recruitment experience. I would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking a top-notch recruiter.

Hi Team, Hope we all well. I would like thanks Mr. Adam Eshet help me to get a contract job in NSW Government. Working with him, I found he is working working hard, easy contact and friendly, that achieved the best outcome. Thank's Adam and team....

Throughout the extensive two-month, cross-country hiring process, Adam provided exceptional communication and kept me well-informed every step of the way. As a first-time job seeker in Australia, finding the right company was crucial to me. Adam's valuable insights into the job market and ##### gave me the necessary perspective to make an informed decision and choose the best company for me. Overall, Adam's exceptional guidance and support made the recruitment process a positive experience, and I am grateful for his assistance.

Adam is very helpful and professional in recruitment, he can give good suggestion on job matching and interview preparation to the candidate.

Adam was really helpful and professional, understood my needs and those of the client and was able to match them almost exactly, and provided a quick and pretty seamless experience. A rarity in the recruitment field.

Adam kept me completely in the loop with every progress with my application. He validated my concerns for the role and provided safety guards to ensure all expectations are addressed. A big reason why I came back to TRC, was I know the recruiters there have integrity and experience. I have dealt with so many recruiters to the point I will research who they are and their experience, and if they are juniors, I feel that the company does not value me as a experienced contractor by having a senior recruiter to talk to me

Adam was excellent and made the recruitment process a breeze. He communicated well, provided regular updates over a phone call and ultimately reached a great outcome for all involved. Thanks Adam!

Adam was quick to source a candidate for us, the process was easy. Just an area for improvement in general (not related to Adam) - meetings booked from your CRM platform come through as "Free" instead of "Busy", so others in our organisation that book meetings can't see that I already have a meeting at that time. I had a double booking for that reason for our first meeting and had to reschedule. Perhaps a simple setting change in the platform?

Have been talking to Adam for about a year, he is not pushy, takes time to understand what we're looking for, patient & overall a great asset to the company.

Adam was awesome, from start to finish. Always available for any questions email/phone. Great work Adam.

Very committed and knowledgeable in the aspects for the Hiring. Easy and very professional.

Adam was absolutely fantastic from our first contact to the final email. Full of knowledge, insightful tips, and always making sure I was updated at the first opportunity to any relevant developments in the process. Adam is a super star in his domain, astounding service that I have never experienced before. Thanks very much Adam!

Hi, my experience was exceptional, very professional, and fast. I'm very happy with the results, please keep it this way. I have nothing more to wish for.

Adam is really good, he follow-up well with both the parties. Negotiates well for employee to meet desired needs. I like him as my recruiter.

Adam supported my job application process and communicated proactively, great assistance from start to finish. It was a great experience for me.

It is has been and will be always working along side of Adam. Since working with him with my engagement at XXXXX and now XXXXX. He has allowed me to do my best. Cheers for your help and effort Adam

Adam is very easy to communicate with and follows up too, this is quite exceptional and not a trend that seems to be the norm with recruiters.

Adam was extremely supportive. He continued to stay in contact with me and keep me updated throughout the entire process.

Honestly a pleasure being represented by Adam and the Recruitment Company. Adam consistently went above and beyond to get the best result and kept me up to date and got back to me even during weekends and after hours. Very pleasing and much appreciated. Definitely one of if not the best and smoothest recruitment experiences I have had!

Respected CEO, I would like to say that Adam was so transparent and clear about the whole process. He was quite informative and approachable when we were talking. The most challenging thing as a job seeker I face is a Feedback on your application or a role I applied for. This time I was surprised that Adam was able to provide me with a feedback whenever required. Adam was very helpful and friendly all through.

Adam was always upbeat and easy to talk to, and I am very happy with the results achieved.

Adam's communication and patience with our recruitment processes is really good and he has provided us with high quality candidates.

Adam did a exceptional job! Was quick to respond to all my enquires and went out of his way to keep me in the loop. Thanks again for all your efforts Adam, really do appreciate all the work you put in!

I've only worked with Adam on two engagements. Interestingly both candidates have failed, but I don't see this as a reflection on Adam. In both cases he has handled the situation promptly and professionally. 5 Stars Adam, but mate you need get some Irish luck sent over from the Dublin office.

Adam was excellent, he identified a skills match between myself and the company and was clear, concise and consistent in his communication. I was/am really happy with Adam’s involvement and support in helping me gain this role.

I found Adam very easy to work with and also very helpful with his continuing assistance in being able to hire two great people.

Adam has been a delight to work with, he understood the brief and provided very good candidates for what we were trying to achieve. There was a last minute change and he took it in stride and pivoted easily without issue.

Hi Geoff, Adam Eshet is one of the best recruiters that I have ever come across. I am very happy with his service. Adam is very professional and clear in his communication. He successfully accommodated all of my concerns and demands. Thanks Adam.

My dealing has mostly been with Adam and I found him very responsive to our queries and questions. He has been very good at following up and getting back to me on time. Also, given this was our first hire from TRC, we had to your organization up in our systems. The response was very good and we were able to complete this within couple of days.

Adam was great to deal with. Always was in full communication with me and was there for me before the client.

Knows the market, knows the role! This meant more quality candidates who were as excited about joining our team as we were about hiring them!

As a consultant, I speak to a lot of recruiters. I'd rate Adam as one of the best. Why? 1. I submitted my CV late at night. The first thing the next morning Adam called me to discuss it. That gave me great confidence that my skills were understood. And my CV was not just being scanned by a keyword filter. 2. Each time I emailed Adam I received a prompt reply. Typically within 2 hours. His answers showed he was on top of it. 3. While I don't recall ever getting thru to him on his mobile. He always returned my calls promptly. I was happy with that. In short, his communication is fantastic. I knew where I stood. He is very pleasant & likable on the phone. I knew what the client was hoping for. And so I was able to match my capabilities to ensure neither of us was wasting time. He is a credit to your organisation.

He listens and understands.

I am very pleased with Adam here. The way he handled my case was exceptionally professional. Few things which I liked about Adam. 1) Regular and very effective communication. 2) Regular follow ups with client. 3) He used to provide me assurance that your hopes are still alive. I really owe this job to Adam and looking for a long term relationship with Therecruimentcompany. Again, kudos to him. He definitely change my perception about consultant . They can certainly be the game changer while you are hunting the job.

Adam has been a great help and has delivered his end seamlessly and exceptionally fast, He is very welcoming and pleasant to talk to and work with and goes above and beyond to help me with all my needs and requests. As i reached out to him it was no longer than 1 week i had received a role suitable for me. I am very grateful and please with his outcome and would highly recommend him for anyone i wish to pass over to for job opportunities.

Adam is a thorough professional and has been exceptional in delivering what he promises which is very seldom in the industry. He is upfront and prompt with his responses and is great liaising with his clients. I had a wonderful experience in the last 6-8 months working with him being engaged in different opportunities and I hope to work with him in the future.

Adam assured me from the beginning that he would fight for me for this role and that's exactly what he did. I know for a fact I wouldn't have got this role without him. I owe him a beer at the least

The process is straightforward, very efficient and quick. The most amazing is, Adam guided me through every single step and heard my feedback, therefore our communication is just flawless. In addition to that, there is also attention to detail. Thank you Adam.

Adam has done tremendously well and he has been the best consultant I have worked with. He has been in constant touch with me as and when required.Its time to give him a raise.. :-)

Adam has been the only reliable and trustworthy partner LAB3 have used in Sydney. I am constantly bombarded by rookies who feel like it is their given right to help source people. Adam has taken the time to actually build a rapport with me and the team and has to date delivered quality people who suit our requirements. Good job mate.

I really appreciate the effort Adam and Amanda both put in to secure me a job at XXXX After spending the last two months talking with lots of companies and recruiters I was always left feeling out of the loop and unimportant to whoever was on the other side of the phone, so it really was a breath of fresh air when Adam and Amanda were always in contact, trying to do anything they could to speed up the application process. I would definitely recommend TRC over the other Recruitment agencies I've engaged with here in Sydney.

Second requirement that Adam has helped us with and has been the only one who has been able to dig up people that we have not already considered. Understood that we were looking at a particular skillset and provided a great resource.

I find my agent Adam to be proactive and he understands the needs of my business, he always provides good candidates and gives me various options of the types of candidates, he is professional and is always responsive when I contact him,

In one word I would describe Adam as - 'Exceptional' This is my first job in Australia and Adam helped me with all my queries and took his time to explain every aspect of the engagement in detail. I really appreciate his diligence and professional approach. He was prompt and always provided feedback proactively. I have been liaising with other recruitment companies and the main thing which lacked was providing feedback even if it is positive or negative. But Adam and The Recruitment Company was exceptional in this as I was never in a limbo and was always kept informed of what was happening. Also I would like to highlight the team collaboration within TRC which was great as the consultants refer candidates within each other rather than holding on to themselves which shows the great attitude of the company. Looking forward to engage with TRC in future and will definitely recommend to my mates.

Adam is excellent

Adam is a very focused individual who is very determined in fulfilling our requirements. There is never a week gone by without hearing an update of his developments. Thank Adam.

TRC Adam was very friendly and to the point for every discussion. Overall this shows the organization culture and how they are focused to provide customers/people with high satisfaction. I will always consult with TRC for all my future endeavors. Regards, XXXX

Unless you enjoy pain, don’t skip Adam Eshet, the no-nonsense professional who lands the contract for you faster than you can comprehend. Totally trust Adam and the guys at The Recruitment Team. In my case, the contract was landed in his ne afternoon, and that was includes client interview time. Many thanks XXXX

Adam is a great guy - very approachable and easy to deal with. He was very proactive and seemed to really care about getting an equitable outcome for all parties. A credit to TRC.

Hi TRC. Adam's exceptional by any standard. He's taken time to understand my strengths and weakness, (I'm slack giving feedback for one) Prepared me well for interview, kept me up to date throughout and is clearly an excellent negotiator. He's clearly looking after the client, as while the title I work under has little to do with my role, I fill the gap that needed filling exactly. All the paperwork is super smooth and simple, and hes good at his job. Top marks, I'll recommend TRC in the future, and will hire from you when that time comes. Make him happy please.

Adam is amazing. Many thanks to him for getting me a job with the XXXX. He has been very helpful throughout the process. I would definitely like to work with him in the future. Thanks.

Adam was absolutely amazing. Great staff and made the usually painful job-search an absolute joy

Great our agent Adam knows exactly what I am looking for in staff and I have not been disappointed to date.

Adam did a great job under time pressure to find me the right candidate. I really appreciate his tenacity and perseverance in this matter.

A marvellous gentleman Adam was, diligent & sharp throughout the recruitment process (calling, emailing & follow ups... never did I feel out of the loop) Adam was on point and never hesitated to reply back to my emails or phone calls. Thank you so much for helping me getting back into the workforce Adam! Looking forward to my new job :) With much respect, Lachlan.

Hi There I just wanted to say that I find Adam really great. he is professional, engaging, understands our business needs and and has sent me some great candidates I look forward to working with him in the future thanks Adam

Best recruiter I have ever dealt with.

Great suggestions from Adam to prep for interview as well as to improve CV. Also, great support from Jen during reference checking stage.