Resourcer Danny Hawken

Music is Danny’s life. Listening to it, making it or talking about it, its what he loves.  And his tastes are eclectic, any genre any style. And in that note…

Danny is not your classical recruiter, where other folk fall into a funk, Danny shows his metal and keeps going. His laser focus on customer service and surpassing expectations wherever he can, means that he’ll rock the world of anyone he deals with.

Working within our Data & Analytics team, Danny looks after the candidate side of the equation. When it comes to tech-no this, Danny gets the market.  It’s a jungle out there for candidates, many of whom carry a ska from bad recruiter experiences.  But this lad has soul and those job seeker blues will quickly vanish when you pop in to meet Danny.  Whether you need sound career advice, help to jazz up your CV or simply someone to thrash out your interview prep, fear not, Danny is in the house.

Anyway, you get the point; he’s good, he likes music.  That’s enough puns about music genres now… It’s a rap.

Don’t: Mention his pussycat doll single

Fave food:  Seafood, seafood and more seafood