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Dervla Neary has been helpful. Anything she can't answer on the spot she circles back in a timely manner. Also she has an easy demeanour which makes communicating simple. It has been a very good experience.

My top 3 favourite things re Dervla: 1. Always keeps me 100% up to date with the process; I was never left wondering where we were at in each phase of the entire recruitment process. 2. Dervla has an exceptional level of attention to detail and makes certain that she has passed on all relevant information. 3. Dervla’s enthusiasm and engagement style is perfect for her role. Genuine care and excitement about the role and having me selected as the candidate! Also, an Irish accent doesn’t go astray!

The main thing anyone wants is for the person they're dealing with to do all the things they say they're going to do. Dervla did that and with a quick, efficient and friendly manner. Totally seamless and straightforward. Thanks!

Dervla and all staff that I dealt with during this process were great and very helpful. Was a easy experience and am very grateful to Dervla & all staff for being very helpful during this process.

Got me the job and was a great communicator and supporter throughout the process.

Dervla has been really supportive and helped me get a role I was really excited about! She's got a really warm professional manner. She's an asset to your company.

Dervla was fantastic , She replies to every email or concern I have immediately ,in each and every step, from interviewing to onboarding, her customer centric approach is fantastic , without hesitation I would recommend Dervla and the recruitment company to any of my friends , keep up the good work 😊 Five stars for Dervla and her Team. Regards Manny

Dervla has been really helpful throughout the recruitment process. She has helped me with all my queries and requests and also responded very quickly to all of them. The onboarding process was very smooth and I would highly recommend Dervla if anyone is looking for getting their desired role.

Great work done at all steps of the recruitment process!

I have only spoken to Dervla once during this recruitment, as she had to hand over her work to Amanda to go on leave. I had been dealing with Amanda who I found a very good communicator and thorough. Dervla emailed me before my interview with a comprehensive list of hints which were very helpful. As far as our initial conversation went directly after the interview, she was very cheerful and easy to talk to and advised me she would be away. I advised her that I thought I'd been offered the position. Dervla ensured that she handed it over to Amanda, so we could progress the appointment.

Dervla is the best. She responds to all my emails quickly. She is very helpful. I am so happy.

Dervla was very helpful all the way through the recruitment process. She explained all the required information and responded to queries quickly. Best wishes to Dervla and her team.

Dervla has been fantastic, I was well informed as expected at every step of the process.

Dervla is very a professional consultant and she worked closely with me to find a suitable job to match my skills and qualifications. She was constantly in touch with me to update the status of the job search. She is very friendly and listens to me with more attention. Overall she is a good person by heart and treats her clients with dignity and respect. I will continue to work in future with her . I wish her all the best for future endeavours. Good luck Dervla!!

Dervla is very helpful and replies to most of my queries within a day.

Derlva has been one the best recruitment consultants I’ve worked with. Polite, positive and courteous and is highly responsive given the busy environment she works in. Information is always presented clearly and professionally whether in writing or on the phone. Just a pleasure to do work with.

Dervla is great and a good operator

The experience has been a breeze. Dervla was quick to understand our needs and went above and beyond within very tight timeframes and changing landscapes. The candidates presented were highly skilled individuals who could not only meet the role objections but also exceed in the role. Our experience with Dervla and TRC has been very positive. Great work team.

From the first chat with Amanda and Dervia, I've felt confident that my future career was in safe hands. At no point have I felt Dervia hasn't been truthful, transparent or professional and communication has been first class.

It was an absolute pleasure having Dervla representing me for this role. She is so friendly, personable and professional and went the extra mile in helping me obtain this role. Great interview prep docs she sent me really helped me to be prepared for my interview. She also did a lot of back and forth to keep me in the loop with any updates and made me feel so comfortable and happy speaking to her. She so relatable, it's like speaking to a friend, not a consultant and I think that's really important. GREAT WORK DERVLA!!! She is a star!!

Dervla has been a pleasure to work with. She is professional, communicative, thorough and supportive. Dervla communicates on a personal level and doesn't treat the candidates as a number, but more as an asset that is recognised for their talents and experience. Although this process has been a long one, I understand the formalities & requirements when working with Government Departments. I would highly recommend the services of the Recruitment Company to any prospective employer. Thanks again to you and your agency.

I am 51 and in all my years of job hunting and dealing with recruiters I have never had the service and like I have had from Dervla. Exceeded my expectation and made me feel good about myself, that I was worthy of this role and deserved it. Just amazing.

A quick comment Dervia is exceptional and has been extremely helpful in her efforts to assist me in securing a recent position as an Asset Manager. Thank you Dervia.

My first interactions with the recruitment company were a little up and down. I applied for a role and didn't receive updates. I had to be proactive. It's a good job I was persistent or I wouldn't have been put forward for the role in this first place. I wasn't working with Dervla at that stage. Once the official interview process started, the experience was really good. Dervla has been very supportive and responsive and managed all my questions and queries with care.

Dervla and Jen were very professional and knowledgeable about the position and the position requirements. They were both pleasant and helpful in all interactions.

Overall, my recruitment experience was pretty good (primarily due to the speed of the process), however I was disappointed by two particular parts of that process. - I believe that Dervla forgot to email my referees and then claimed that she was waiting on my referees when I made a follow up email inquiry re my contract. - The 4 weekly pay cycle was an unexpected shock - I have always been paid weekly for contract work.

Dervla is a passionate, respectful, attentive and valuable consultant. I am very grateful to be working with Dervla.

Dervla is a confident and target driven recruitment professional who listens carefully to employees needs and requirements. It was my pleasure working with her during this recruitment process. She handled everything professionally and her expertise in this field resulted in a favourable outcome for my career development.

Dervla is professional, friendly and helpful. I appreciated her guidance, support and efforts. She really seems to care about her recruits.

Always available and willing to help, works through the details of the role and asks questions and submits high quality candidates

I think Dervla is a asset to the organisation. She constantly provides support and feedback during the interviews process then during ongoing discussions. Taking on this assignment on was made pleasant by Dervla support to the point of accepting a lower hourly rate.

Dervla has been fabulous, from advocating for me to keeping me updated throughout the process, and ensuring that I was happy with everything. It's been great to work with a recruiter who treats you as a valued candidate rather than a number. Thanks Dervla!

Dervla has been responsive and very helpful in my first contracting gig. Thanks again!

Hello Geoff, I have nothing but praise for this individual. From the moment I applied for the position which I have just secured, Dervla has been in Coms with me throughout. If there is no news, she informs you ''No news yet'', a trait I have found lacking in most other recruiters. With her lovely Irish brogue and engaging manner, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm to succeed in placing you, it is daily highlight of one's day receiving her calls. I have the greatest pleasure in writing this testimonial and endorsing this young Lady, a true professional.

I like the service provided by Dervla, she has helped me in each step. She has given me brief clarification about my role and responsibility at work place and process my file nicely. I would like to say thanks to The Recruitment Company and Dervla specially for her smart work. Thanks

Yes Dervla is very pleasant and sounded very positive. Gave me a lot of confidence during the entire process. She also got back to me very quickly with all my queries and updates from my new employer!

Dervla was professional, supportive, and generally helpful. Sometimes it seemed her actions were a bit more reactive - but I put that down to the job itself being a bit last minute more than her abilities.

Dervla is super friendly and supportive.

Hi, Constant feedback and keeping in touch was exceptional. Most of time one hears from the recruitment company or HR department only at the critical stage (when one got the interview appointment or a job) while Dervla and Amanda kept in touch all the way through the process Making it so much less stressful (well job search is always stressful lol). Generally, I had much better experience dealing with The Recruitment Company then when dealing with other Recruitment companies)

Dervla is one of my favourite recruiters. She is professional, friendly and competent. I highly recommend her.

Dervla is honest and very true to her words.. as i am to her. she is definitely a consultant i want to always liaise with. shes friendly, direst and very clear with everything she tells me. Love her irish accent. I will definitely forward her to anyone i know if they every require honesty in a sincere recruiter. SHE IS AWESOME 😊 🌸💐

First time dealing with Dervla for me although I have been with Contractor Central for 5 years now. My experience with Dervla was exceptional because of the speed and accuracy that my resquests have been dealt with thus far, Derval is effecient and very approachable, in the short amount of time I have been liaising with Dervla she has been fantastic.

Dervla was great! She prepped me well and was informative & supportive all the way. I am very grateful for all she has done for me.

I've been dealing with recruiters for a long time on both the client side & as a candidate. Dervla stands out from the crowd in a huge way. She's exceptionally personable, funny, lovely & wonderful to deal with. And she doesn't miss a trick with all the details. A big asset for your company I would say.

The recruitment process was seamless & pain free! I loved how Dervla kept me informed of 'next steps' & was easily reached to answer any questions I had. She was professional & friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend TRC to anyone looking for work :).

Dervla is amazing person, she is so professional, supportive and organised. She is always responding to my inquiries and answering my phone calls even during weekends.

I have had a great experience in getting a job through Dervla. She helped me to prepare for interview and gave me really good tips on how to dress up well for the interview and how to crack some interview questions. The recruitment procedure took hardly two days and I got the job! I really appreciate the efforts that Dervla had put in to recommend me for XXXXXXX :)

Dervla has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She has been extremely prompt with getting on top of all requests, and has established a very friendly and transparent relationship. Very happy.

I find Dervla to be very friendly, engaging, dependable and high in integrity. Furthermore, I have been consistently impressed with Dervla`s attitude since the first day she contacted me for a position at XXXX. During the time that she has helped me with the recruitment process, I found her very effective, intelligent and hard-working. She follows up and is professional with her communications. Throughout the whole process, she was polite, professional and pleasant! I definitely recommend Dervla as a Recruitment Consultant. I’m sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had. Thank you so much! Note: My request is and would highly appreciate by weekly payments instead of monthly. Many thanks in return.