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Eleni told us that she absolutely loves reality TV but she’d prefer it if we kept it a secret, so we promised we wouldn’t mention it again.

To say that Eleni’s got talent is an understatement. She is undoubtedly Australia's next top permanent Cloud, DevOps and IT Infrastructure recruitment specialist, and is set to become a dominant voice within this competitive market. 

Her clients love her because of the amazing pace with which she delivers. Her candidates love her because she’s clearly no shark. Tank goodness she works for us because Eleni is able to block her competitors at every turn and they struggle to survive ‘er moves on their clients. In the dragons den that is Cloud and DevOps recruitment, Eleni is no apprentice.

Apart from reality TV (which we promised not to mention) and recruitment, Eleni’s other passion is UFC where her brother competes professionally. We’d better stop with the reality TV references now, we wouldn’t want to fall out with her big brother.

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ELENI’s latest two

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Systems Manager
Lead a team of BAs and Data Analysts & assist in ensuring the adequacy & appropriateness of pricing decisions, product design and underwriting rules view
Linux System Engineer
Financial Services organisation looking for a Systems Engineer to help the business transition to AWS managing servers predominately out of Linux. view

real jobs/real reviews

Role filled: Lead Cloud Engineer
Client: Payments company

"I have dealt with a lot of recruiters and you have been one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. You don't push and I felt you really set me up for success. You called me this morning to make sure I had everything I needed for the interview. You are extraordinary”

Role filled: Senior Digital Administrator
Client: Neo-Bank

"Eleni was fantastic to work with. Great communication since we first spoke, she was able to find great candidates based on our requirement”

Bite Sized Facts

Fave sport:UFC

Started recruiting:2017

Once met:McLovin

Known as...:Eleni, Ele or El

Party trick:Dog can play dead

Favourite movie:Good Will Hunting

Music choice:American Country Music

Favourite food:Oysters, oysters, oysters

My Secret Sauce

"Over the years I have been told that people feel that I truly care about everyone I speak to and I invest as much time in everyone as is needed to ensure they achieve exactly it is they want. I have been told that I listen and understand people’s needs and that is why so many candidates I have assisted in my years in recruitment have secured their ‘dream job’ and companies their ideal candidate. I have been told that I never put myself first.  I recruit because I care and people see that."

But some Ingredients Just Work Better Together...


Markets I focus on

40% DevOps
30% Cloud
10% Systems
20% Support

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking...

You can call Eleni on 02 8346 8739 or submit your feedback using the form: