Software Development Maeve Fahey


Maeve is the contract contingent of our awesome software development recruitment team. She is also a secret lover of all things trashy reality TV. Whilst we’d voice concerns about her choice in TV, we’d never deny that Maeve’s got talent. Hailing from the sunny shores of Ireland, Maeve is well positioned to be Australia’s next top contract software development recruiter.

In fact she is held in such high esteem by her clients that sometimes her competitors are left far below. Decks-terous and adaptable, Maeve’s approach is ideally suited to the world of software development which, as we know, evolves at a truly amazing pace.

Her candidates love her because Maeve is no shark. Tank goodness she works for us because we wouldn’t be able to survive ‘er skills if she was our competition. But, we never had a doubt that we wanted Maeve on our team because, like all of her happy customers, we truly were sold… at first sight.



Bite Sized Facts

Coffee:Long Black



Years in Recruitment:1





My Secret Sauce

I’m good at technical recruitment because I come from a technical background myself, and am always looking for more detail. I like to get to the root of a hiring managers problem, and find the best and fastest solution – which is why contract recruitment is my speciality. My clients say I deliver accurate and relevant candidates, and keep a strong communication channel open throughout the process.

My candidates say I listen to what is important to them, and ensure they have updates and comprehensive feedback throughout a hiring process. I strive to match contractors to the best possible organisation for them, ensuring that both candidate and hiring manager are happy with the placement.

But some Ingredients Just Work Better Together...


Markets I focus on

30% Banking/Financial Services
20% Not For Profit
20% Tech/Software
30% FMCG

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking...

You can call Maeve on 02 8346 6709 or submit your feedback using the form: