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As well as being the contract half of our project services team, where he specialises in recruitment of project managers and business analysts for payments and financial services based projects, Mandar is also a foodie.  Food of the world is his greatest passion and, staying true to his Indian heritage, Mandar loves food with some spice in it.

Not one to sugar coat things, Mandar is nevertheless quite a big dill in the project services recruitment world. Many contractors have benefited from his sage advice and we’re told that he always makes thyme if a contractor want to cumin for anise chat.  You better bay leaf it, there’s never a chilli reception where Mandar’s involved.

A recruiters day can be peppered with highs and lows, making most recruiters approach their day gingerly.  But, in the past, whether he mint to or not, no matter how bad his day was going Mandar always mustard his signature smile and great customer service from somewhere. 

All terrible spice puns aside, with a decade’s industry experience, Mandar is quite simply a seasoned recruiter



real jobs/real reviews

Role filled: Business Analyst
Client: Iconic Australian financial services giant

""Mandar provided insightful analysis of candidates key strengths and had provided very suitable candidates for the selection. much appreciated"”

Role filled: Business Analyst
Client: Wealth management client

""Mandar, thanks again for your help. That’s twice now you’ve managed to find us something that matches the very niche skills we were looking for, it was good to work with you another time."”

Bite Sized Facts

Loves playing:Baddmington

Loves watching:Cricket

Mins Meditating per day:30

Steps per day:8000


Fave muscician:Ajay Atul


Fave food:Curries

My Secret Sauce

"I am very candid by nature! I wont mince words and I tell you feedback as it is; as a result a lot of my clients are also my candidates. I love helping candidates without local experience and I am well connected with people from the Indian subcontinent. I speak 4 different languages. Being a tech fanatic, I love recruiting within the payment industry. I also come from a technical background which I feel makes me a good recruiter. Being a single dad, I relate to people who hold high family values and am able to multitask.  I am always learning in life!"

But some Ingredients Just Work Better Together...


Markets I focus on

20% Business Analyst
20% Project Manager
30% Payments
25% Financial services
5% Agile

Sounds great, Lets Get Cooking...

You can call Mandar on 02 8346 6735 or submit your feedback using the form: