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Exceptional, he was responsive, listened to my needs and provided higher calibre candidates than what I was receiving previously.

Matt is responsive, engaged, supportive and very good at his job.

It was a pleasure working with Matt and finding a great canddiate!

Matt clearly understands the client's needs and identifies the best candidates.Matt's efforts and dedication are outstanding. Thanks a Lot!! Matt for all your help and support :-)

Decent recruiter, easy to work with, understands and works well with the client, lots of feedback in a timely manner. Great work Matt.

Wonderful Coordination By Matt... He has been great in performing his work in this regard.. Thanks

Matt has very good communication skills to help me understand the role requirements to prepare for the interview. I was offered the role almost immediately after the interview. Matt then followed up with XXXX HR to get the offer contact signed in very short time. I am really impressed with his service and would like to recommend your service to my friends! Thank you!

Insightful, honest, he took the time to understand our requirements and our company in order to identify the right people. He was not just trying to flog off any candidate.

Matt listened to the requirements of what we are looking for and sending across candidates that fit the brief. He is also on top of everything and keeps in regular contact to get feedback on how the candidates are progressing.

Matt is always amazing to deal with, I feel like he 'gets' our XXXX business and what makes a great XXXX person. I never feel like I'm being 'sold' a candidate, Matt definitely works with us and has our best interests at heart.

Matt is a thorough professional and was wonderful dealing with him in the recruitment process.

He is awesome . It was an amazing experience . He is really good in communicating the right things and informing it with all his due dilligence .

Matt was up front, punctual and kept me in the loop at every step, he explained every detail on the interview process very clearly and has continued to check in with me even after I secured the position.

A. Knowledgeable staff on industry and current market. B. We did have out of gate issues with understanding our needs and requirements, but was resolve it's norm and got great result with QA lead. Well done!! C. Recently had handover from 1 recruitor to another, appeared to us minimal handover and as result we decided to take different approach to market. D. Had offboarding hiccup that raises concern, we had signed contract, the following week the ask is to change the start date by 2 weeks. Overall happy with service and response to any feedback during the process was exceptional!

Matt is an exceptional consultant who understands his role very clearly and providethe service to the candidate with his maximum effort. We had our first chat on a Monday afternoon and I got the new job confirmed by Friday evening. All the communications were direct and up to the point and was extremely conveinient. Keep up all the good work Matt and wish you all the very best!!

I'm really happy with Matt. He has found us 3 candidates so far and has a great attitude.

very humble and co-operative for all requests

I find Matt as very generous, warm in nature, and patient while engaging with people. He is very professional, approachable and supports an individual in assisting correctly to find the best career one wants to pursue. I am very pleased for Matt’s help by the recruitment process with XXX and definitely recommend Matt to my friends and known people who looks out for a new job.

Matt has been great to work with, super responsive, always happy to take calls and follows me up (ie keeping me honest!). He's also been keen to work with us to find the right sorts of candidates. Great work!

Matt has been great to work with, super responsive, always happy to take calls and follows me up (ie keeping me honest!). He's also been keen to work with us to find the right sorts of candidates. Great work!

Matt Klee is the best recruiter. He is very professional and keeping the customer up to date of progress.

Matt did a fantastic job. He communicated with the XXX and me very well. He helped me to talk about the expected salary with the company. Thanks Matt for the help!.

Matt was fantastic to work with. The roles he represented me for were a perfect fit, both for the skills needed and the company culture. It takes a special person to pair up a candidate and company so well. 100% recommended

Matt knows the candidates very well and there is almost 50% of "hit rate": we end up hiring half of the candidates Matt sent to us. This is amazing. Matt is methodical.Very reliable. His approach to both the employer and the candidates are excellent. Very happy.

He is excellent

Matt emailed me prior to check my availability rather than calling right away. I like this approach a lot as I feel that many people including myself don't like to wait around anticipating phone calls all day. More of this type of communication is welcomed i.e. scheduling phone calls etc... In addition, Matt let me know what was happening every step of the way which was fantastic.

The only positive feedback I can think of is that Matt truly listens to what job candidates really want to achieve as far as having a fulfilling career. A career that comes with certain specifications and ambitions job candidates candidly looks for and recruiters like Matt genuinely looks after their concerns and dreams to secure. For this, along with their transparent recruitment process, I'm eternally grateful for them helping my career moving forth in the right direction that I truly want. Again, I thank you, Matt, for truly understand my career ambitions and how they genuinely helped me push forward in their right path. Not many recruiters from other agencies can offer genuine services like this so, again, I salute you Matt for making things work out in the end!!

Working with Matt was a pleasant experience, he was professional at all times, communicated well, found an employer who seems like a good fit for me rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Having said that, I've found you see a recruiter's true colours when a candidate is unsuccessful in filling a position - whether they call you back at all or continue looking for you. I didn't have that experience with Matt thankfully but I'd guess he'd be one of the good ones.

Matt is intelligent. He sees clearly what employer wants, and if a candidate has it or not. This is not easy, since he has to find it in hundreds of pages of CVs from many candidates. He has very good manner. It was a difficult process, and Matt called me regularly to keep me updated and engaged. The best agent I have ever dealt with.

Matt Klee is very energetic and responsive. If he could work by email mainly for some of cases instead of using direct phone call, it would be nice. Some of us prefer email based communication.