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Chipo Riva's first call was really lovely and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She went above and beyond with the recuritment process. Chipo always kept me in the loop as my application progressed. Thank you Chipo. Oliver Hussey - Was really responsive and professional through out the recruitment process and he alway kept me in the loop as my application progressed. I really appreciated Oliver giving me a call before and after my interview including Chipo. This really helped me prepare for my interview. Thanks Oliver.

Oliver’s experience and skills as a seasoned professional recruiter have shone through, and in my opinion not marginally but in fact by miles ! I found Oliver to be very effective with understanding my skills and aligning them to his clients requirements.   I believe his consistency and clear communication, in-depth role and client knowledge, as well as having good insights into the changing market dynamics, are instrumental for a top recruiter. Frequent but succinct communications during the process instilled confidence so that I felt I was making the right decision, and so his guidance and coaching was at the right level. Finally Oliver has an affable personality, which made the process enjoyable and so I look forward recommending him at the first opportunity, and to building an ongoing working relationship.

Great engagement and spent time to ensure my experience met client requirements Overall satisfying experience

Oliver Hussey is a real professional and an effective communicator. I appreciate his professional work and securing my contract with #####. I rate his work highly.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Oliver. He has been very supportive throughout the recruitment process. I was coming back from my maternity leave and I always knew that I am ready for a change but I was uncertain how and where to begin as I haven't been on the lookout in years, I felt very rusty but luckily Oliver was there and more than willing to support me on my career journey. He went an extra mile to prepare me for my interviews, he's been very patient with me answering all my questions and he kept in constant communication about the progress of my application. He understood from the very beginning what kind of role I was looking for, and by recognizing my strengths and passion, he found me the perfect job! Oliver demonstrated such professionalism and integrity is his work, I am so grateful for having the chance to work with him and also for everything he has done to make this happen for me.

Ive been doing interviews and observing meny recruiters recently. Oliver really stands out for his ability to clearly Articulate the position and company he is representing. The details about the business needs and context helps to prepare for interviews and expectations about the role. His transparency and positive attitude to keep moving and negotiating were outstanding. At end it is all about trust. He really brings the confidence that his assessment about the candidate and the position is a match. This is an immense value for all involved in the hiring process...

Oliver consistently fully understands the requirements and delivers high quality candidates for the roles. He has a very friendly and professional approach. Super reliable.

First time I have dealt with OIiver (as I am new to XXXX) Great experience as he: - Builds rapport first - Listens to requirements then seeks clarification where needed - fast turnaround with good/suitable candidates

Olly (Oliver Hussey) is a pleasure to deal with. He always works to thoroughly understand any role requirement and has an uncanny knack of finding the right candidate in rapid time. He interacts proactively and is open and clear in all his communication

Oliver is great to work with - knows his stuff and the market.

Against all odds, Oliver pulled a rabbit out of the hat... by rabbit I mean XXXX! XXXX has exactly the skills I wanted to find. Oliver was a pleasure to deal with, patient to get through our paperwork and kept the candidate warm until we got that all wrapped up. Thank you Oliver. PS: That haircut earned you -10 stars... But a good try!

My agent, Oliver Hussey went above and beyond his way to make sure that I have all the information I need about the role. This has helped me make the tough decision of leaving my current job and taking the new offer. He also made sure that both myself and the employer are kept updated during the whole recruitment process so things went smoothly. Two thumbs up for Oliver and TRC! Thank you for helping me land my dream job.

Great to work with Oliver. Felt the pace which was encouraging from the outset. Kept me informed all the way and most importantly we got the right person for the role…awesome!

Oliver is the best recruiter and a very good person who takes a lot of effort in candidate success in the interview. Throughout the process, he provided me with constant updates on the application. Oliver helped to prepare by providing the interviewer's experience and communicated timely feedback post-interview. He also actively followed up with the interviewer for the next steps and offer release. It was a good experience working with him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a job. I can't thank him enough for finding me a new role.

Olly clearly knew the client and the need. Even without a Job Description he knew the ask and articulated that very clearly with great pre and post interview briefings. Thanks

I have worked with Olly for many years and he always goes above and beyond to find me great candidates. He is always available to assist and not only keeps me informed but also has regular check-in's with his contractors to make sure they are happy with the company and role, they have been placed into.

Our chat was always transparent and honest. There was a drop in the daily rate which I made me re-think the offer , unfortunately the customer indicated they could not increase the value but Oliver did shared some of the plans the customer have for the future , which changed my mind. Nice person to work with.

Honest, transparent and good service.

Oliver is persistent, engaging, a little bit long winded and offers great advice. Most of all, he has extensive experience with SAP practitioners and knows exactly how we tick!

I'm very very satisfied: perfect understanding of the role quick profile selection fitting candidates right level of caring&intermadiation with the candidates

Oliver is the best recruiter I have worked with! He knows exactly what the client needs and why my experience and skillsets value-add to the client to create a win-win for all. I got the job only with one interview! Perfect!

Oli's communication was exceptional through out the process and he was always available for a chat when required. He kept me abreast of the next steps and the requirements. Thank you Oli.

Oliver puts the time into understand what I need as a client and then screening possible candidates, so he only sends through candidates that he believes would be suitable, rather than anyone he finds on Seek. He is also happy to accommodate my busy schedule and reply to email's or take calls after hours, to move the recruiting forward.

He is responsive and keeps updated about the process and helps to prepare you for interview and motivates as well. Overall, my experience is very good with Oli.

I've being an SAP Contractor since 2006 (after starting my SAP career in 2002) and have worked with dozens of recruiters. Oliver has offered great service to date. Considering the impact Covid-19 is having on the on-boarding procedures, WFH expectations, and so on, it is reassuring to have clear, concise updates on next steps. Thank you.

I was placed into my current role by Oliver, 5 years ago and have used him to recruit a number of staff since then. Oliver has always provided excellent resources and I have recently recruited 3 SAP contractors which he was able to do in a very short timeframe. I would continue to recommend Oliver as an excellent resource.

In the longest recruitment timeline I have experienced, over six weeks, I have always had the impression that Oliver was doing his best for me. Between key people leaving the client, both of us moving house and Covid 19 to achieve such a satisfactory result is outstanding. I was especially impressed as I had no previous history with Oliver. His gentle coaching regarding my CV and Linkedin profile was well received. Thanks Oliver!

Even though the client's response was slow, Oliver always kept me updated. He made the process very comfortable for me.

Oliver has been persistent and proactive in arranging interviews and has been instrumental in me getting the offer. He brought a personal touch to the process which helped me to sail through the entire journey. He worked around my schedule and provided great support.

Oliver is a great guy, he follows thru the matters in timely manner if it is needed.

Oliver is a very personable guy and my experience in dealing with him has been very positive. Being the close of financial year I take he was very busy but nevertheless he (mostly) managed to keep his word and give me updates and information in the time frame agreed. Aside from that it appears your admin and payroll side (both internal and that you outsource to Ayers) is very efficient. Specifically all my queries were answered timely and Ayers made sure I to get in touch with me for progress update for paperwork. Overall I find dealing with TRC a very positive experience.

Oliver is great at getting back to you. He has a great mix of professionalism and an empathic ear. When he says it will be done consider it done.

Oliver is a great person and communicator. He helped a lot and informed every detail clearly to be successful.

Ollie has been great!!

Oliver is the best recruiter I've worked with

Oliver is very well networked and has efficiently met our needs.

Oliver is very good person to work with. He followed up with client quickly and arranged the interview. The whole process took only 3 days. He puts lot of effort to make things happen. He is very friendly and easy to approach.

Oliver is a great agent. He is very friendly, open, direct, and very efficient. He got me on board with XXXX in a professional and amicable manner. Very impressed with Oliver's work ethics.

Olly is by far and away the most impressive recruiter I have ever dealt with in my many years as a contractor in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

It's great working with Oliver. He is very detailed and get things moving fast. Thank you Oliver!

Very friendly and open. Difficulties at times with getting in contact and/or receiving updates in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for finding me the perfect job! Oliver arranged the interview he supported me throughout my application and even coached me before my interview. I had good luck messages before my start date and also follow-up emails on how I am doing in my role. Within in a week, I had a job offer. This is all down to his professional and first class service. I am now very happy with my new job role and thanks again, Oliver.

Worked very hard on the whole candidate lifecycle; - found him for a start (not an easy market) - helped close proactively - kept me informed and was clearly driven to getting a successful outcome - respected lines/amounts of communication Strong first experience with Oliver

Really nice guy, very focused and an innovative recruiter.

Hi , I would like to thank you Oliver for his hard work and dedication to get this contract come true. Oliver is one of the rare breed recruiters that not only perfectly sells the assignment, but also have human spririt establishing close friendly relations with candidates. Thumbs up!