Resourcer Paige Jackson

As a critical member of The Recruitment Company’s team of resourcers, Paige’s role is to support our consultants and to look after our candidate communities.  It’s a role she loves almost as much as she loves her favourite pop icon, Britney Spears.

But unlike so many within our industry, Paige is definitely not Toxic. In fact, quite the opposite. Paige’s positive energy, love of chatting to new people and natural curiosity have made her a hit with the candidate communities she serves.  In the Circus that is job hunting, Paige’s candidates count themselves Lucky to work with her. What makes Paige truly amazing at recruitment is her ability to Break the ice with pretty much anyone.  That’s just how she rolls. 

Paige’s background isnt technology, but rather than being a hinderance, this has only made her Stronger. She loves learning new things so has the ability to pick up new technologies quickly. Every month Paige has taken on a difficult role and filled it, then she’ll take on another and, before you know it, she did it again.

Paige is a genuinely amazing recruiter. We don’t need any more britney references to show that, not even one more time.  Oops.

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