Experience Co-Ordinator Georgina Fenton

Georgina is a fanatical Game of Thrones fan. Maybe its this fact that makes her so good at her job. After all, in the game of wrangling recruiters, you win, or you die. Georgina keeps the office running and keeps our team looked after; everything from keeping the freezer stocked with ice and fire-ing up the office bar on a Friday afternoon.

Although Georgina keeps us all in line, she’s no dragon, and is known by the team as the one who organises all the fun stuff. But sometimes she needs to be tough as iron, throne into the deep end with a pack of recruiters, she had to be.

If you haven’t experienced an event organised by Georgina then you know nothing about what a good event looks like. Her personal favourite is our annual Christmas in July event so she gets really excited when (you guessed it) winter is coming.  As well as being our social organiser, Georgina is also our go to person for all thing relating to our office. That’s what Georgina is known for; she organises drinks and she knows things.