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Jen was awesome and very supportive, she made this very easy.

That was amazing what Jen did, the amount of time she spent to follow up and give almost daily update to me. I should say thank you to Jen for all her efforts and follow ups. Very impressive & professional

In the past, I worked as a manager, and I recruited people directly, without using a recruitment company. More recently, I have been responding to advertisements as a potential contractor/employee, myself. Where it has been the employer directly advertising, I've found they act as I did in the past, letting people know how things have worked out, especially after I've attended an interview. But my experience with recruitment companies (not The Recruitment Company) has been less satisfactory. You attend the interview, it seems to have gone well, but then you hear nothing more. By inference, you have probably been unsuccessful, but that is not communicated. In one case, the recruiter was so rude that I complained. I then received an e-mail, address to someone with a different name, saying I didn't meet the base requirements and was not on the list for interview. However, the interview with the client had already taken place two weeks earlier! By contrast, I found that Jen was very conscientious and efficient. It was all handled with a minimum of fuss and plenty of useful advice and feedback. She obviously understands working with people!

In a world where things move at an extremely fast pace, also there are times of unpredictable delays. I truly appreciate Jen's ability to keep me engaged and keep her finger on the pulse pertaining to this role. In the short time we have known each other, Jen has proven to be an exceptional recruiter with a friendly engaging personality. In short, a superstar who knows her stuff! Thank you Jen!

All communications have been good cheerful and positive. Good all round.

All communications have been good cheerful and positive. Good all round.

I would like to say a big thanks to Jen Roberts for her help and professionalism. Jen not only found me a job she kept me updated throughout the process of my application. I'm very happy how she listened to what I wanted in my next role. I have dealt with other recruiters they just want to meet their KPI's and invite candidates for interview even though there's no roles avalible just for the sake of their KPI to show how many they have interviewed. Once again Jen Roberts thank you for your help and support finding me a role.

I am very pleased with my experience with TRC. Jen is a very helpful consultant and she always welcomes and answers any enquiries that I have. Also, the cupcakes sent to me on my first day at work was really a nice touch! Made my first day at work feel special. Thanks!

Jen is both proactive and responsive. A pleasure to deal with. She came recommended to me by two others and I will recommend her any day. Regards, XXXX

Jen was very helpful and made the job transition much easier. Thanks Jen!

Jen was very good to deal with, she turned a offer below candidates expectations into a hire! her professionalism and ability to send good candidates through was good to.

I was impressed with the drive that Jen displayed in a professional and friendly manner to achieve my appointment to a position in a short period of time. I would also like to express my thanks to Rita Hu who helped me navigate the appointment process. I would be pleased to share with you some thoughts I have on the recruitment process i.e. signing up, should you wish to call me.

Very professional, excellent in following up and always keeping me in the loop.

Jen is fantastic to deal with, and is by far and away the best recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She takes an extremely proactive approach, and is always timely with any additional info/updates. She's also extremely personable and always available to lend a helping hand. If there would be one bit of feedback (nothing to do with Jen whatsoever) - it would be that personally, and for a lot of people I know - weekly/fortnightly pay-cycles tend to work best for people who are contracting, as monthly pay-cycles work better when you have leave accumulation etc. Again, I suppose it's not something that's going to looked at in the grand scheme of things, but just my two cents on the subject.

she has been very helpful.

Jen was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, and was always in contact to update me, and guide me through the interview process and afterwards to assist me with any queries I had. I am really grateful for Jen's efforts in helping me secure a contract.

Love the easy application forms and electronic signatures etc. Well oiled machine! Took literally one single evening to have everything finalised.

Very helpful. Very friendly. Followed up when she said she would.

Chelsea Hindley first contacted me by telephone on 13/12/2017 after checking that my CV contained recently displayed specialist skills and relevant experience in Infrastructure Planning, Development Contributions and Plannng Agreements which were being sought by the NSW Department of Plannng and Environment (NSWPE) in Sydney. After 2 unsuccessful attempts by Chelsea at putting my updated and duly-modified CV forward to NSWPE on 19/12/2017 and 17/1/2018, for respective contract roles probably below my closest fit with the NSWPE's JDs, the NSWPE's hiring manager of another section was referred my CV by his NSWPE colleague suggesting that he consider me for a new more senior NSWPE position. On 31/1/2018, Chelsea again was right on the job and set-up a phone interview for me with the new NSWPE hiring manager which I must say went extremely well and the next day, 2/2/2018, I was formally offered the contract role of Senior Planning Officer - Planning Agreements, commencing on Monday 12/2/2018 in Sydney with a predicted end date of Friiday 29/6/2018 with a possible extension if further funding is given for the next financial year. On Friday 2/2/2018 Chelsea rang me again asking for relevant work referees which I supplied to Chelsea by email later that afternoon. On Tuesday 6/2/2018 Chelsea rang me again to confirm that my referees gave her "glowing and positive references" about my character and my work experience. While on the phone Chelsea also encouraged me to complete the NSWPE's ICT requests which I had been sent regarding my account set-up on the NSWPE's ICT systems and my registration on NSWPE's Fieldglass Time Recording system. My first contact with Jen Roberts was by email on 2/2/2018 when she sent me my TRC induction and sign-up documents. Last Monday 4/2/2018, Jen sent me an email reminder to sign my TRC registration form while I was still in the process of completing all the related forms and reading the induction materials online. Within the hour of receiving her reminder email I had completed the reading and signed the required form online. Yesterday I received an email from Danica Gluvakov of NSWPE's requesting that I read and agree to the DPE IT's Acceptance of Conditions of use for the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Information Assets asap so that I could be set-up on the NSWPE's internal ICT systems in time for my commencing work on next Monday in Sydney. This morning Jen Roberts sent me a brief follow-up email wishing me luck for Monday's start and to contact TRC if I have further need of information. The only thing I did not yet know is exactly where 368 Pitt Street Sydney is and where I need to report for work at NSWPE but I have since used Google Maps to locate the NSWPE building in Pitt St opposite the Salvation Army down from the Goulburn Street intersection and have received advice from Danica of NSWPE that I need to report to NSWPE's reception at 9:30am Monday 12/2/2018 and to ask for Michael Hingley of NSWPE. As far as I can see your organization has got the contractor's search and hiring process running pretty smoothly and you should be pleased of your TRC's team members and their effective coordination with the NSWPE's team members in this instance. I really appreciate everything that TRC has done to secure me this most appropriate short-term contract at NSWPE. Thanks and kind regards, Walter Vanderpoll Mobile: 0410456248

Jen was friendly and kept me in the loop throughout the process. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

I worked with Jen on a Training and Development Officer role recently. I also reached out to another Government agency. Jen referred two suitable applicants and we interviewed both due to the high quality of the candidates. The role was filled within 2 weeks and was turned around very quickly, I gave Jen this feedback she also made it very easy. I will be reaching out to Jen again should other vacancies arise.

Jen was great and helpful. She took me through the process and has great customer service skills. thanks

Jen is amazing. I am very satisfied with her, during the time that I was moving to Sydney from Perth to start this new job she helped me with everything,she prepared me extremely well for my interview and kept in constant contact and she always kept me updated throughout the process.I found her very friendly and hard woking.

Jen is very supportive

Jen Roberts was professional throughout the whole recruitment process and I rate her very highly. She gave me a lot of information about the client as well as the job description. I'm also really grateful for the useful advice she offered in order to help me perform well in my interviews. In particular, I liked how she gave me updates via SMS if she couldn't reach me via phone. My experience with Jen was definitely the best I've had with a recruitment agency and I hope to deal with her again in the future.

Jen is a wonderful person and the best recruiter I have ever dealt with.

Very happy!! Given great support & care. Worked speedily in setting up interview which brought me the new job!😀

Jen is very friendly and helpful and I found her to be very professional at all times. She kept me informed of the progress of my application at all stages and gave me very useful information to use at my interview. Since being offered the role she has kept me updated throughout the recruitment process with forms to sign and other information. I would recommend Jen in the future to any employer. ..

Both Chelsea and Jen represented the company very professionally. It's difficult to find good staff and these two are a credit to your organisation

Jen always give us the best of the best efficient and fast service Love working with you guys

Jen has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and she kept me informed at every step of the process. I really appreciate everything that Jen has done for me.

Jen is always very responsive to the needs of XXXX. She can be contacted at almost any time and nothing is too hard.

All good so far :)

Jen was amazing and wonderful to deal with- She kept me in the loop at each stage and i would recommend her to anyone- truely a pain free experience- thanks jen! you are the best

Jen Roberts is a star!

Jen has exceptional communication skills and we built a rapport quickly. I am pleased that her initial approach via LinkedIn in May and further conversations have enabled me to test the waters by securing a 6 month contract in a dynamic organisation like **** after a long-term permanent position. There was an opportunity in another team that didn't come to fruition but Jen persisted with finding another opportunity for me. I'm excited about the role and new challenges.

Jen was excellent, very responsive and professional which made the whole process very smooth.

Jen was by far the best recruiter I've had contact with over the past few months of job searching. She was in regular contact by phone and text and kept me informed throughout the whole process. She also sounded genuinely pleased to help me which meant the non verbal comms carried that feeling of doing her utmost for me. Fantastic!

Very professional recruiters, and a seamless candidate onboarding portal - well done guys!

Response times are quick, candidates are appropriate and there is minimal fuss to complete engagements

Jen is honest, open, accurate & prompt with information, understanding of my concerns, she actually returns phone calls!!, (a rarity, in your industry, unfortunately) & she does what she says she will do!

Clear, concise and timely information. Cup cakes were a nice touch.

Jen was very professional and communicated with me throughout the process and I could not praise Jen enough for her effort in helping me attain my post.

Jen constantly provides quality candidates with little additional information or queries. Very easy to work with.

We had a major setback with our first potential candidate, but Jen handled it well and found us some great options. A pleasure to work with.

Cupcakes are a nice touch! Very easy to deal with Trc in all aspects.

Concise, clear communication and timely follow up.

Jen has been very helpful and communicative throughout the process from consultation to interview, to drafting up and finalising contract. It was a pleasure to be working with her.