We think that video is a game changer for our industry.  But we couldn’t find anything out there that we felt really tapped into the opportunities it presented to our type of specialist recruitment agency. So we went and made our own.

We think our Dashboard products are pretty cool. It turns out that other people think so too because we’ve even won an innovation award for them.

Our Dashboard Suite combines three elements

  • Video
  • Skill assessment, matching and testing
  • Good old fashioned specialist recruitment

candidate dashboard

The award winning Candidate Dashboard will change the way you look at a shortlist of candidates. Everything you need in one place to decide on who to interview.

A video of each candidate, skill assessment in graph form, notes from a specialist recruiter and all the recruitment information you need. And all candidates side by side for easy comparison.

Save tons of time reviewing two dimensional CV’s, avoid interviewing people you just don’t like and meet people based on their skills and fit rather than CV writing abilities.

The best bit?  Its free! 

Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation
The Candidate Dashboard
The Job Dashboard


Finding good people is tough, its why recruiters exist. But finding them is part of the puzzle, getting them enthused is another. The Job Dashboard is designed to present your organization, your role and you in the best possible light.  

We find the best candidates out there, then we grab their interest with a dashboard presentation of your role.  A video about it, key requirements and task mix in graph form, key recruitment information, a write up by a specialist recruiter and some fun facts.  

It’s a product which will really give your organization an edge over your competition, will save you time interviewing candidates who don’t gel with your company culture and will build your employment brand.

The best bit?  Its free!

See For Yourself

Get a sample JOB DASHBOARD


The award winning Talent Dashboard is a variation on the Candidate Dashboard and will change the way you are viewed by prospective employers.

We put a video of you on a dashboard with skill test results in graph form, reference checks pre taken and a write up by a specialist recruiter.  We then package it in a beautiful dashboard format and send it to select organisations that we’ve agreed with you.  

Save time dealing with multiple agencies, stand out from other candidates in the market and present a true three dimensional view of you.  

The best bit?  Its free! 

The Talent Dashboard