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March Lunch Club - The Key to Quay

For many that attended this month's Lunch Club, the chosen venue was on their bucket lists! Judging by the scores below, it lived up to the hype!

Amy: 5/5

The food was delicately presented and tasty, and the hosts were attentive and professional. However, the best bit about April lunch club was the company. We were seated at a round table and so we were all able to chat together. It was a great group of people and although we didn't have the view that the Quay normally boasts (a cruise ship in the way - how rude) we were all too deep in conversation to mind. Definitely one of my favourite lu…

Submitted on Wed 19 Apr 2017


The Recruitment Company to open doors in Dublin June 1st

The Recruitment Company is coming to Dublin on June 1st and we thought it would be nice to announce it on St Patricks Day!.  And leading our charge into the northern hemisphere?  We’re sending none other than Dublin native and TRC stalwart Chris Pelow.

Chris has been with The Recruitment Company for 5 years. He started as a trainee consultant, grew into a senior consultant, got promoted into a team leader role and then took on managing our technology team.  Now he’s heading up our new and exciting venture on the other side of the world.

He’s beloved by our customers, he’s a cornerstone of ou…

Submitted By Chris Pelow on Thu 16 Mar 2017


February Lunch Club - Our highest review score ever

The closet we've ever got to a perfect score! Our top performers headed out for their monthly Lunch Club at The Flying Fish in Pyrmont and found a near perfect mix of food, fun and service.

Submitted on Fri 10 Mar 2017


The Recruitment Company has its AGM

2016 was an interesting, and it turns out highly successful, year for The Recruitment Company.  Geoff Millar, our MD, presented his first AGM since being promoted to Managing Director last year.  This years event was held at The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and included a full tour of the museum for the team, a presentation by work renowned high performance coach Dr Sean Richardson and a full breakdown of our highs, lows, successes and failures for 2016.  

Geoff then rolled out his plans for 2017 which look pretty amazing - watch out Sydney!!

2016 has definitely vindicated Geoff's appointment…

Submitted on Tue 21 Feb 2017


TRC's Monthly Lunch Club - January 2017

New year, new restaurant! TRC kicked off 2017 by enjoying an afternoon at Riley Street Garage. In the face of a new year, our top billers of December were keen to see what all the fuss was about and to potentially find a new lunch club favourite. See here for reviews...

Submitted on Mon 16 Jan 2017


Christmas Party 2016


True sea creatures at heart, we saw no other way than to celebrate the year on the water thanks to Sydney Harbour Escapes 

Submitted on Mon 12 Dec 2016


TRC helps Share the Dignity

We first heard about this amazing charity on the radio. What an amazing concept: give unwanted handbags, filled with toiletries, as gifts to women who are doing it tough at Christmas.  Launched to coincide with White Ribbon Day, the campaign aims to support women who are homeless, escaping from domestic violence or in institutions. This year there is also a large focus on remote, rural communities.  Many of these women have no money or access to toiletries so the campaign is aimed at providing some relief from this indignity over the Christmas period.  The stories of how these bags changed liv…

Submitted By Sarah Banek on Fri 02 Dec 2016


TRC's Annual Contractor Drinks

TRC's Annual Contractor Drinks has always been one of our favourite events to host & this year was no exception...

Submitted on Fri 02 Dec 2016


St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews day to all our Scottish contractors and customers!  Yesterday saw the team celebrate St Andrews day in the office.  Our Scottish contingent was made to feel slightly homesick with lashings and lashings of Irn-Bru, tea cakes and Scottish shortbread in the office.  They also got to have a sing along to a 6 hour playlist of Scottish music including about 3 hours of rock classics played on the bagpipes.  The rest of the team weren't quite as keen on this part of the celebration but the shortbread and Irn-Bru more than made up for it.  

Submitted on Thu 01 Dec 2016


The Recruitment Company celebrates Thanksgiving

We try and make all of our team feel at home so a bit of Pumpkin Pie went a long way to staving off the homesickness for our American colleagues.  Probably not up to the standards of family feasts back home but pecan pie and pumpkin pie in the office is always welcome. 

Submitted on Thu 24 Nov 2016