How to take a stress-free holiday away from work

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Most of us have annual leave coming out our ears. With the thought of being away from the action too much for some, a holiday is something of a distant memory.

However, time away from work is wonderful for so many reasons. A chance to catch up with friends and family, view stunning locations around the world or simply to enjoy the peace and quiet of not joining the morning commute.

With this in mind, we've developed a few tips and tricks to ensure that you can take a stress-free holiday without the temptation of checking your emails:

1) Finish major projects

It can be tempting to pull off the accelerator in the final days before a holiday and just cruise until your departure. However, in most cases, this will cause you more stress on upon your return. 

To ensure you give yourself the best chance to reintegrate comfortably after your break, make sure all major projects are finished before you leave. While it might mean putting in a few extra hours in the final week, it'll result in a more relaxing time at the beach and avoid worrying about upcoming deadlines. 

2) Organise yourself

Another good trick is to clean your desk of unnecessary paperwork and rubbish before you go on holiday.  There is nothing more depressing than returning from a sun-soaked holiday vacation to a pile of reports and clutter. Take the chance to tidy your desk and mind prior to a break.

3) Hire cover

One of the major reasons why people don't go on holiday is the fact that there is nobody to provide cover - especially if it is very technical. This is where The Recruitment Company can help. Through our dedicated recruitment consultants, we can source candidates to work on contract for a set period of time. 

As a result, your responsibilities and tasks are covered by someone with adequate knowledge and you can enjoy your holiday - minus the stress and anxiety.

By Carly Pattison