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A virtual cuppa with...Carli Bowman

In this episode we talk to the awesome Carli Bowman, Talent Acquisition Team Leader from Employsure, about how her team are surviving the Covid-19 crisis, what talent acquisition teams can do to continue adding value, some of her own insights and we talk through some of the things Employsure are doing to help their own clients.

Carli gives some …

A virtual cuppa with...Austin Payne

In this episode we talk to Austin Payne, Director and founder of Convergecom, an Australian Telephony as a Service provider.  Austin talks to us about emerging technology that is helping businesses through the Covid-19 crisis, about how they can make flexible working work and about his views on what the otehr side looks like. 

We talk about flex…

A virtual cuppa with...Stella Gianotto

In this episode we talk to Stella Gianotto, Founder and Creative Director at Brands for Brands Agency, an award winning brand and marketing company, about marketing in the time of Covid-19 and what the future might look like. 

We talk about changes that Stella see's businesses needing to embrace and about truth, being genuine and building strong…

A virtual cuppa with...Laurent Lambert

In this episode we talk to Laurent Lambert, Blockchain specialist from IBM Consulting, about what he is seeing in the world of blockchain in response to the Covid-19 crisis.  

Our COO Simon Moss talks to Laurent about JIT supply chain, trust, bladerunner-esque futures and the fine balance between creating local supply chain ecosystems and nation…

A virtual cuppa with...Ted Bonel

In this episode we talk to Ted Bonel from Strategy and Execution.  Ted is a certified 'Scaling Up' coach and has been coaching some of Australia's most exciting businesses for 20 years (3 Top 10 Best Places to Work, multiple 'Fastest Growing' companies and a whole range of organisations in numerous industries).  In this video he talks to our COO …

A virtual cuppa with...Carly Koehneman

In this episode we talk to Carly Koehneman from Linkedin about some of the trends that she is seeing within the market due to the Covid-19 crisis. We talk about trends and research she has access to, some positive growth signs and what she thinks businesses need to start doing to address the opportunities of the new normal.  We also philosophise …

A virtual cuppa with...Giorgio Repice

In this episode we talk to marital arts instructor Giorgio Repice about his thoughts on the Covid-19 crisis, its impact on the martial arts industry and what lessons we can all take from martial arts and from his experiences as a small business owner.

If you are interested in looking into martial arts, either for yourself or as a corporate activ…

A virtual cuppa with...Rolf Geerling

In this episode of our "A Virtual Cuppa With..." series we talk to the amazing Rolf Geerlings from Vision Australia about some of the impacts of Covid-19 on the blind and low vision communities as well some of its impacts on people with physical disabilities and the broader society.

Rolf's uplifting views on some of the positives that will come …

A virtual cuppa with...Katrina Mills

In this video our COO Simon Moss talks to the awesome Katrina Mills, Head of Partnerships at Wisr, about her unique insights into some of the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.  As Manager of Partnerships for Wisr, Katrina has some unique insights not only from Wisr's perspective as a leading Australian fintech credit provider, but also from that of…

A virtual cuppa with...Caroline De Kimpe

In this video our COO Simon chats to Caroline De Kimpe, one of Australia's leading career and leadership coaches, about her insights on the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on job seekers.

To find out more about what Caroline does visit

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