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A virtual cuppa with...Nigel Harse

In this episode we talk to the awesome Nigel Harse, CEO of Staffing Industry Metrics. We talk about the Covid-19 crisis through the lens of the data that his company has been collating.  We talk about leadership, authenticity and what it takes for a company to survive and thrive in the current crisis. 

Nigel talks us through some of the unique d…

A virtual cuppa with...Lisa Annese

In this episode we talk to the amazing Lisa Annese, CEO of the Diversity Council Australia. We talk about the Covid-19 crisis through the lens of diversity. We talk about how different groups have been impacted, the benefits of diversity in the current climate and how to build genuinely inclusive, diverse organisations through well designed flexi…

A virtual cuppa with...Carli Bowman

In this episode we talk to the awesome Carli Bowman, Talent Acquisition Team Leader from Employsure, about how her team are surviving the Covid-19 crisis, what talent acquisition teams can do to continue adding value, some of her own insights and we talk through some of the things Employsure are doing to help their own clients.

Carli gives some …

A virtual cuppa with...Austin Payne

In this episode we talk to Austin Payne, Director and founder of Convergecom, an Australian Telephony as a Service provider.  Austin talks to us about emerging technology that is helping businesses through the Covid-19 crisis, about how they can make flexible working work and about his views on what the otehr side looks like. 

We talk about flex…

5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare for a Video Interview

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Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular with today’s advancement in technology. More employers now realise how convenient this is for streamlining their hiring processes. Preparing for a video interview differs in some ways to a face-to-face interview. Here are the five most important things to think about to be well-prepared.

How to promote your company culture to attract new talentGuest writer Cloe Matheson talks about how to communicate your culture

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The importance of a positive company culture has been growing in recent years. As we further integrate work with our personal lives, our workplaces need to be places we want to spend time. But what exactly is company culture? Consider that ‘culture’ is generally understood to be fostered across regions and countries. However…