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Col's predictions for the recruitment industry in 2019We talk to Col Levander

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Col Levander from RecTech solutions spends his days talking to recruitment leaders and reviewing exciting new tech.  We asked him what he saw as being the game changers for recruitment agencies in 2019.  Here is his response

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What is the secret sauce of a successful recruitment agency We talk to Col Levander

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Its an interesting market out there at the moment. Some recruitment agencies are doing really well, some aren't.  So what are the successful ones doing differently?  We talk to Col Levander from RecTech Solutions about what he has observed in his dealings with our industry over the last few years.  

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Technology and recruitment: What are the new trends?

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New and emerging technologies are shaping every industry imaginable, leaving traditional ways of working behind in favour of new tools and approaches that are faster, easier and more productive. In sectors as diverse as finance, retail and healthcare, this disruption has resulted in a significant reshuffling of the way businesses operate, and it…

2 top strategies to increase company diversity through recruitment

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More and more organisations are prioritising diversity within their workforces, and it's not hard to see why. All of the latest research shows that diverse teams outperform their less diverse counterparts, with one of the most striking statistics coming from a recent McKinsey study. The data revealed that the most diverse companies profiled were…

How the video recruitment process is making hiring easier

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As in almost every industry, recruiters are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their work, while also speeding up the process and allowing them to get more done. In recent years, new technologies have made these improved workflows possible, with one of the biggest developments coming in the arena of interviewing .

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#Untetheredlife Part 7 Its a bitter sweet symphony this #untetheredlife

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Anna Maria, the second best thing to come out of Wigan (the first being The Verve – in case you didn’t get the reference in the title), talks about some of the highs and lows of being untethered.


You might say I’m a chatterbox.  Most people do.  I was worried that working from home would inhibit my need to chatter.  But #untetheredlife has mass…