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Having fun is our bread and butter.
But for us the unrivalled flexibility we get is the real icing on the cake.

The ingredients to being an amazing recruiter are traditional recruitment and cutting edge innovation.

Upset the applecart, rage against the dull and stale, fight the boring and celebrate the amazing.

It is possible to be both cuddly and a ninja assassin at the same time. Our customers feel warm and fuzzy but we get results.

Are you that person? Do you share our values?

We have a lot of fun. We enjoy what we do and we want our team to enjoy it too. But enjoyment isn’t just about meals, beers and pool tables (although we do have a pool table, our own bar, a karaoke machine and a glitter ball) its about feeling valued, being trusted and having freedom to live your life how you want to and to have your work fit around that. We are class clowns, but we’re also grown up enough to appreciate what we get and to step up to the trust that is put into us.

We are class clowns, all grown up.


The Recruitment Company likes to party. Look back over our years of events, award ceremonies, parties, holidays to Vegas, Borneo, China, South Africa, Skiing and numerous Christmas in July’s, lunch clubs and random bits of fun. Click here for a thousand stories...

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What do we mean when we say we want to be the untethered recruitment company? We have spent a long time perfecting our systems so that we can work more productively with flexibility. We want our team to be untethered from the office, untethered from the 9 to 5 and for them and our customers to be untethered from the traditional recruitment model.

Our award winning internal systems are all designed to make you more money from working with flexibility.

We are fanatical about traditional recruitment. Its all about community and connection and adding value. We train in it fanatically. Some people may say we’re old fashioned.

We are fanatical about always being at the forefront of technology. We’ve won more innovation awards than any other agency. Some people may say we love tech too much.

They would all be right. We are scholars of the old leaders of the new.

Scholars of the tried and tested

We have an award winning training program that runs on a continual cycle. Based on a martial arts training structure and covering 14 streams each with 4 levels, the Cuddly Ninja Assassin training program is a non-mandatory, ‘dip in, dip out’ program. Within The Recruitment Company everyone is a teacher, everyone is a pupil. We are always learning.

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leaders of the new

Innovation is core to our business. We practice Lean thinking in everything we do and look to continually improve and innovate. From our award winning digital products to our ground breaking systems and processes we always look to try new things.

Working for us you’ll have the option to get involved, put forward your ideas, run projects, learn Lean and be at the forefront of our amazing industry.

Being a recruitment renegade is about asking ‘why?’ Its not always about always chasing the latest things everyone else is doing, sometimes the true renegade is the one who holds fast to what works. At The Recruitment Company we like to push boundaries and try things out. It doesn’t always work (it mostly doesn’t) but when it does its amazing. As they say, you cant make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

We provide our team with amazing tools that they can take to market and use to differentiate themselves from the herd. These tools combine cutting edge digital and video technology with good ol’fashioned recruitment concepts.


The Candidate Dashboard

Present your candidate shortlist side by side using video, graphs and a beautiful digital dashboard. Your client can compare them side by side, see them talking about themselves, read your notes and book and interview all from the one page. The best tool we have to win exclusive business.



The Job Dashboard

Work with your clients to create a beautiful job description to send to candidates, attract more talent and sell your roles. Incorporate video, graphs, fun facts and your own write up to differentiate your clients from the competition. Any extra tool to win more work.



The Talent Dashboard

That scary time between offer and resignation can be helped by the Welcome Dashboard. Remind your candidate why they chose the new role using videos of their new manager and team plus fun facts, graphs and a write up by you to welcome them to their new role.



The Induction Dashboard

A beautiful tool that puts a client’s entire onboarding and induction onto a beautiful digital dashboard. Include videos to meet the team, charts to show the first week, fun facts and link to online meetings, documents, workflows and forms. A great way fro you to lock down a client.


We want to make people enjoy the recruitment experience again. We do this by providing them with a level of service that they aren’t expecting, by making sure they are happy. But we also do this by making sure we get results for them, by driving outcomes and by creating opportunities. We surprise with service, but we never, ever take our eye off the prize.


Our consultants are rare beasts: grown-up cuddly scholars, punks, ninjas, clowns and renegades all mixed together with lashings of passion for recruitment and high energy. When we find one who fits the bill we pay them well.

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Award winning benefits package

We look after our team and not only provide an amazing office, flexible working and a trusting transparent culture, we also have 2 (yes 2) benefits packages.

Jurassic Perks is an online Hub of information that includes discounts and offers from over 500 retailers and service providers.

PERS (Personalised Employee Reward Scheme) is our second benefits package that provides rewards that increase with longevity within the company. PERS includes gym membership, public transport, increased life cover and much, much more.

Its this focus on culture, trust, benefits and flexibility that has led to us winning more Employer of Choice Awards than any other agency in Australia.

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