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This is Geoff

Geoff’s job is to tell you, a talented, driven and all round genuinely nice recruiter about all the unique, fun and downright amazing things that The Recruitment Company can offer you.

He’s very good at his job.

Geoff is very good at his job because he is passionate about the unique culture he has worked tirelessly to build and has seen his own career sky rocket since he’s been with the company.

Geoff did a survey and it turns out that 87% of our industry isn’t very popular. So there’s a question he’d like to ask you before you read any further: #areyouoneofthe13percent if so, read on.

Geoff loves working for The Recruitment Company. He thinks that you will too.

Here are the things that Geoff thinks you’ll like the most...

culture constructor

One of the things that Geoff does best is build company culture. Look at all the awards The Recruitment Company has won for its amazing culture.

SARA 2017 Winner of the Most Innovative Agency Of The Year
Our 5th time being named an EOC in the ABA’s
We always knew if we looked after our people they would look after our customers. ABA’s agree
Our Dashboard Suite is an amazing recruitment tool
SARA Medium Recruitment Agency of the Year 2016 Runner Up
We’ve worked hard to build some ground breaking HR systems. The ABA is proof they’re working.
Our first ever product award. Given for our ground breaking Candidate Dashboard product
Our all-round exceptionalness got us into the finals for the Medium Sized Recruitment Company Of the Year Award. We got pipped at the post by Morgan McKinley
One of only 2 agencies to be named as an ABA employer of choice recipient
Named as the winner of the recommended employer award for the Recruitment industry
Named as the 12th best place to work in Australia – ranked higher than Google!
We were the first agency to join the DCA and support the valuable work it does
We’re a fully compliant member of our industry body

Imagine working for a company that invests this much time, effort and resources into its culture. No other agency in Australia has this many Employer of Choice awards.

Maybe you don’t care about awards as much as Geoff does but you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty good leading indicator that we’re a great place to work.

We’re so passionate about company culture that we talk about it. A lot.

Interested in hearing more of what we have to say? Check out the videos.


What will your monthly sales be?

What percentage of your sales will be contract?

How many contractors will you have out?

What average contract margin do you tend to negotiate?

What’s the average perm fee (%) you tend to negotiate?



Think you’d like to get a more specific estimate on your earning potential with The Recruitment Company?


So you like the commission structure, but you’re in it for more than just the money? Geoff likes that in a recruiter so how about he shows you some of the fun we’ve had over the years...

The Untethered Recruitment Company

Geoff thinks you’d be interested in what we mean when we say we’re The Untethered Recruitment Company. Let us tell you about some of the tools and systems we provide to make flexible working extra productive.

How would you manage your day if you had complete flexibility?

What could you do that you can’t do now? Read our Tales of Untethered series to see how being untethered changed our lives.


If you’re still here, Geoff is of the mind that you’re a recruiter who knows their own value. But does your employer? How much do they invest in marketing you? Is their website all about them or is it all about you?

We market you, not us. We’re all about building your brand as a specialist in your market. Most agencies are scared to do that. We’re not. Check out some of our teams’ profiles here.

Want to know what puntastic recruitment profile we’d write for you? Click here and complete our questionnaire and we’ll send one back to you.

We put up every bit of feedback we get from customers about our consultants. Even if it’s bad. Our customers appreciate the transparency. What would your customers say about you?

When he isn’t being a website avatar, Geoff is working with our marketing team to figure out better and better ways of selling you. Click here to speak to Geoff about how we’d build your brand.

Puntastic Profiles!

If you’ve read our website you know that our aim is to promote you, not us. We try to present you as accessible, fun, professional and funny. Our branding aims to try and make recruitment fun and steps away from the normal corporate blandness that our industry tends to put out there. It doesn’t appeal to all clients but we’ve had really good feedback from those it does appeal to. To help us write an interesting profile about you, please give us as much information as you can below. Feel free to add anything that you think would be interesting, even if we don’t ask you about it specifically.


Geoff thinks our product innovation is really cool and will be a differentiator for you. Check out these tools we put at your disposal. Imagine the business you could win with these.

Australian Business Award - Product Innovation 2016Seek Annual Recruitment Awards 2017Australian Business Award - Product Innovation 2017


Candidate Dashboard more


Job Dashboard more


Talent Dashboard more

wait there’s MORE

Geoff saves himself a fortune every month with our two (yes two) company benefit packages. He thinks you’d save a fair bit as well.

Click here to speak to Geoff about getting access. We can sign you up for a 5 day trial if you like?

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So what does it take to impress Geoff you’re asking yourself? Let us tell you, in our own words, what it takes to make it at The Recruitment Company

We’re tough to get into, Geoff interviews hard. If you think you've got what it takes click here


Geoff loves where he works, he thinks you will too. Check out our office. We’ve got a bar, a pool table, more game consoles than you can shake a stick at, a beer fridge, a wine fridge and a strange globe formation in reception.

30 reasons more

So Geoff loves working at The Recruitment Company because of amazing commission, a fun team with great social events, flexible working environment, a clear plan to market you, free beer, wine and lashings of fine coffee (we also have a pool table), 2 (yes 2) benefit packages, more awards for culture than any other recruitment agency in Australia, a great office [gasps for breath] AND an orange leather bar. But there’s more, oh yes there is. Here are the reasons our team love working here.

If you’re interested in working for a company that will put you through probably the most comprehensive induction you’ve ever had click here


Last but not least Geoff wants to tell you about our company values. They’re not like other people’s, but then our people aren’t like other people. That’s the way Geoff likes it, so that’s the team he’s built.

We're Accessable and Responsive
We're always Learning'
We're Quirky and Fun
We're Recruitment Renegades

If you’re a bit quirky, fun, love learning, hate doing things the same as everyone else and strive to dazzle your customers at every turn, then you’re just the kind of person Geoff likes to talk to. Make his day and click here

This is Geoff

Geoff’s job is to talk to people like you about working with us.

Why not click here to get that conversation started. If you’ve read right to the end, we’ve captured your attention and (hopefully) your imagination. What do you have to lose?