What we do who does it

At The Recruitment Company we’re a specialist recruitment agency.  Yes, we know that everyone says that but we can prove it.  How?  Well for starters check out the profiles of our recruitment agents below.  Here you can view the jobs, tweets and blogs of each member of our team and even see which clients are willing to put their names and faces to our specialists.

Every market we recruit in has an amazing person recruiting in it for us.  Each of these amazing people just recruits within their own market. That’s it, that’s all they do, day in day out.  They live and breath their markets, think about their markets, talk about their markets.  It doesn’t make them very popular at dinner parties but it does make them great recruiters.

Consultants Technology

Chris  Pelow does  Technology Dublin

Chris does...

Technology Dublin

Chris Pelow

Technology – Dublin

Gavin  Brennan does  Network & Security Dublin

Gavin does...

Network & Security Dublin

Gavin Brennan

Network & Security – Dublin

Richard  Corbally does  Data Analytics & Insights  Dublin

Richard does...

Data Analytics & Insights Dublin

Richard Corbally

Data Analytics & Insights – Dublin

Anna-Maria  Julie does  Data Analytics & Insights

Anna-Maria does...

Data Analytics & Insights

Anna-Maria Julie

Data Analytics & Insights

Adam   Eshet does  Systems & Cloud Contract

Adam does...

Systems & Cloud Contract

Adam Eshet

Systems & Cloud – Contract

Oliver  Hussey does  ERP

Oliver does...


Oliver Hussey


Lee  Margerum does  Systems & Cloud Permanent

Lee does...

Systems & Cloud Permanent

Lee Margerum

Systems & Cloud – Permanent

Matt  Klee does  Applications & Digital Permanent

Matt does...

Applications & Digital Permanent

Matt Klee

Applications & Digital – Permanent

Amanda  Evans's Our  Resourcer

Amanda's Our...


Amanda Evans


Mandar  Erande does  Applications & Digital Contract

Mandar does...

Applications & Digital Contract

Mandar Erande

Applications & Digital – Contract

Darcy  Ceapa does  Project Services

Darcy does...

Project Services

Darcy Ceapa

Project Services

Frankie  Gaffney does  Resourcer

Frankie does...


Frankie Gaffney


Consultants Public Sector

Jen  Roberts does  Public Sector Professional & Technical

Jen does...

Public Sector Professional & Technical

Jen Roberts

Public Sector – Professional & Technical

Kimberley  Wood does  Public Sector

Kimberley does...

Public Sector

Kimberley Wood

Public Sector

Dervla  Neary does  Public Sector Professional & Technical

Dervla does...

Public Sector Professional & Technical

Dervla Neary

Public Sector – Professional & Technical

Danielle  Cutler does  Public Sector IT Categories

Danielle does...

Public Sector IT Categories

Danielle Cutler

Public Sector – IT Categories

Jess  Willcocks does  Public Sector Specialist Categories

Jess does...

Public Sector Specialist Categories

Jess Willcocks

Public Sector – Specialist Categories

The Support Team

Laura  Yang's our  CFO

Laura's our...


Laura Yang


Simon  Moss's our  COO

Simon's our...


Simon Moss


Geoff  Millar's our  CEO

Geoff's our...


Geoff Millar


Holly  Scully's our  People & Culture Manager

Holly's our...

People & Culture Manager

Holly Scully

People & Culture Manager

Vicky  Huang's Our  Assistant Accountant

Vicky's Our...

Assistant Accountant

Vicky Huang

Assistant Accountant

Rachel  Payne's our  Office Manager

Rachel's our...

Office Manager

Rachel Payne

Office Manager