Counter Offers And why you shouldn't accept them

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The main reasons why NOT to accept counter offers are:

1. Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in six months or being let go within one year is extremely high.

2. Think about where the money is coming from. Is it from your next pay rise? Consider that all companies have a strict wage and salary guideline which must be followed.

3. You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy. From this day on, your loyalty will always be questioned.

4. When promotion time comes around, your employer will remember who was loyal and who wasn’t.

5. When times get tough, it's likely that your employer will begin the cut-back with you.

6. The same circumstances that now cause you to consider a change will repeat themselves in the future, even if you accept a counter offer. Have you had any experience with counter-offers?

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