Acing the interview - Tip #8: Get the handshake right!

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In the eighth video of our 10 part series, Acing the Interview, we look at how much a handshake matters. For more recruitment advice, keep an eye out for other great tips on our blog!

In today's commercial world, a good handshake is the cornerstone of a strong first impression. In an interview situation, this simple gesture can speak a thousand words about your personality and business competence.

Research from The University of Illinois found that starting an interaction with a handshake significantly builds a positive correlation between the two parties. In a formal situation, it is a vital part of the socialisation process. A good handshake is balanced and confident. While you don't want to present a weak hand, a vice grip should also be avoided. Instead, a firm hold and a couple of shakes should do the trick.

As with any interview, getting your family and friends on board is a good way to nail the handshake.  As always, practice makes perfect, so get as much feedback as possible and see what works for you. Remember to accompany this gesture with a winning smile and genuine eye contact to build rapport from the get go.