Recruiters, which Star Wars character is your boss? Part 5: The Party Maker

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Its fair to say that our industry attracts its fair share of sociopaths.  Most of us are nice folk; even tempered and well adjusted.  But then there are those amongst us who, to put it kindly, aren’t quite as balanced.  And sometimes those individuals are actually quite good at recruitment.  And one of the interesting traits of recruitment is that, regardless of which side of the sociopath line people sit, if they are good at recruiting they often get promoted into management roles. 

 So how do we categorize them?  Star Wars of course.  Although we like to think of ourselves as cheeky smugglers, starry-eyed farm boys or quick witted princesses, we also have to accept that many who hold positions of authority within our industry are in fact Sith Lords, Hutt Gangsters or riddle talking small green things (metaphorically speaking).  So which of these Star Wars characters most resembles your recruitment manager?

 In parts 1 -4 we looked at The Motivator, The Manipulator, The Bumbler and The Dogmatist.  This week we look at the recruitment icon…

The Party Maker

The Party Maker is in to partaaay, that’s it.  The whole thing is a bit of a hoot.  There's booze and drugs and dancing girls and lots of crayzeee people hanging out and everyone seems to think they’re living in The Wolf of Wall Street (sorry to cross over into other movie metaphors).  But unfortunately it isn’t the 80’s, nobody is really making that much money and to be honest The Party Maker is pretty much just a fat obnoxious slug who has some annoying giggling pals hanging around him. 

It all seemed like fun at first, you joined because he promised you “none of that micro management” stuff. The interview process was a 30 min meeting in which he told you how much fun he was. He followed that with a ‘tosser on the turps’ catch up with the team in the pub and he pretty much offered you any desk you wanted. 

Its pretty much a free for all on the market (so nobody really shares anything) and every hangover filled day is just a chaotic mess of overly loud colleagues boasting about how wasted they got last night. Its all fun and games now because you’re actually quite good at recruitment, and so you’re making money, but you know that when the green slime inevitably hits the fan The Party Maker will drop you in the rancor pit without even thinking about it.

What to do

Get out now.  If you’re smart, and good at recruitment, then you’re wasting away here. You’re better than this.  I’m betting that you crave being challenged, that you want to work with a better caliber of colleague, and that you’re quite capable of having a good time without a boss ramming fun down your throat on a daily basis.

The Party Maker craves only the attention of the bright young things with which he fills his grimy throne room.  Get out now before you’re just a carbonite encrusted smuggler hanging on the wall or worse still, find yourself clad in a bronze bikini..

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