Tales of Untethered Part 5: The Cynic

Having recruited for nearly 10 years it is fair to say I am pretty set in my ways. I was trained on the job in a fast pace, hold no prisoner environment in sunny Leeds, UK.

My day was very regimented, there were core hours for business development and candidate networking. You could only take a break at 11am and 4pm for 20 minutes with one hour for lunch. My manager watched the clock like a hawk and actually liked it when people walked in at 8.31am. He would destroy them.

Despite all that, the environment was productive, relatively fun and we did get results. I thought this was recruitment and the only way to attack it.

So when The Recruitment Company announced it was planning to introduce flexible working, my immediate response was negative. I was convinced a sales role needed a carrot and stick approach and core office hours.

How wrong I was.

I like to think I am a good recruiter and that has come from hard work, persistence and discipline. I was petrified about changing my ways and losing my momentum.

At first I did the same as I always did, arrived at 8.15am and left at 6.00pm, I did this for months whilst other around me embraced it. Finally, one day, I tried coming in a little later as I had a doctor’s appointment.

Then I tired taking a longer lunch so I could go to a better gym class.

Then I worked from home one day as I have to wait in for a TV repair man (something I would usually have used annual leave for).

I soon realised I felt better and empowered. I started to realise the wheels were not going to fall off.

I still like to have a fairly 9-5 day, but there are times when I like to clear my head and finish early. There are times when I like to sit in my kitchen and call my clients in silence without distractions. There are times when I finish early on a Friday and go to a festival.

I love the fact I am allowed to do this and I am so glad that I have adapted my planning to fit the flexibility of being untethered.

I probably work more hours per week and I think my work is better quality. I have the accountability to do things when I want to and when I am most productive.

It  makes me feel liberated, I want to work hard for the company. I want to support them and continue to enjoy the lifestyle I have created for myself.  

As much as my time in the battery hen factory set me up with the right ethics to get my recruitment desk off the ground, working untethered has taken me to the next level of my career in terms of success and accountability. 

I would recommend it to anyone and I can say I am a convert!