How to look for good company culture [Video]

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Hi, and welcome to The Recruitment Company video blog.

A company's culture is what can make or break your working life, but when you're in the process of applying for a new job, is culture something you're considering? Let's quickly discuss two ways to research a work environment.

First, we recommend you investigate how the company operates from an insider's perspective. Take a moment to quiz past employees and business partners to discover what they feel the company environment is genuinely like.

Second, during the interview, ask how success and failure is celebrated by the company's managers, and what working there would look like on a daily basis. If possible, observe the ambiance of the office space to get a feeling for the team.

And that's it; With these two quick tips, you can determine if a company will fit you as much as you fit it. For more recruitment advice, have a read through our blog or contact one of our consultants today.