#Untetheredlife Part 1 The Dad, the Runner and the COO

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Part 1 – The Dad, the Runner and the COO

For me untethered is all about three things; to be active in my kids lives, to get my health back on track and to make me more productive at work. 

For example:

Today I woke up early, did a couple of hours work, woke the kids up, argued with them about that varying benefits and pitfalls of coco pops vs Frosties, walked them to school then went for an epic 2 hour run. 

I hobbled back, did a few more hours work, went for lunch with my wife, did half an hour volunteer teaching of my sons class at school (where he reveled in undermining me at every opportunity - I have so much respect for full time teachers) then back home for a good solid 4 hours work.

In the evening I coached my daughters soccer team (where she reveled in undermining me at every opportunity).

After that I headed over to my weekly martial arts class (to be honest its more just me stood sweating while people half my age punch me in the head for an hour). Then home, cook dinner, read the three kids a chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (although apparently my west country accent for Hagrid “wasn’t up to my usual standards” today), got everyone to bed and am now doing an hour of work before I slump into an armchair. 

Untethered for me has allowed me the flexibility to work when I want. I now fit in a ton of activities with my kids and am able to be far more active with their schools and other random activities they want me to get involved in than I ever thought I would be. 

I now actually have time to get into running and I've managed to get myself to the level where I can run a half marathon once a week, usually on a Tuesday morning. Luckily I live near the Cooks River so its an amazing way to start the day.

I group my work between stuff I do better at home and stuff I do better in the office. Then the home stuff I split between things I need to do when everyone else is working and things I can do when I like working (usually after 11pm). 

I’ve always been in awe at ‘high achievers’ who get up at dawn and get more done before 7am than I could even hope to do in a whole day. But to be honest they’re welcome to it. Working untethered has meant that I can now fulfill my lifelong dream of having a job where I can start at 10am. Not much of a dream but a dream nonetheless, and its finally come true.  I work the hours I choose and I choose to start late most days and make up the time in the evening when I prefer to work. 

I find that the ability to group my work and to break my day into chunks where I am really focused on 1 type of task has increased my productivity massively. 

I love the buzz of being in a busy sales office; the wheeling and dealing, the banter, the chatter.  But I also love the peace and quiet of sitting on my balcony working in the sun. 

Since The Recruitment Company took its first few steps to becoming ‘The untethered Recruitment Company’ it has improved my quality of life, health, productivity and has honed my kids ability to undermine me in front of other people.


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