A virtual cuppa with... Katrina Mills

Submitted on Thu 07 May 2020

In this video our COO Simon Moss talks to the awesome Katrina Mills, Head of Partnerships at Wisr, about her unique insights into some of the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis.  As Manager of Partnerships for Wisr, Katrina has some unique insights not only from Wisr's perspective as a leading Australian fintech credit provider, but also from that of the partner organisations she works closely with.

In this video Katrina talks financial wellness, what employers can do to protect their employees, some tips that everyone can adopt, some insights into research she has seen and her predictions for what the world looks like on the other side.  She also talks about Hope and how she is seeing that word solidify into action.

To find out more about Wisr and their awesome products including Wisr at Work visit their site www.wisr.com.au or download their app from the app store. 

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