Planning Policy Officer

Primary purpose of the role
The Principal Policy Officer is responsible for delivering, monitoring and evaluating diverse and innovative policy development and/or programs to strengthen local government and support local government reform.

Key accountabilities
• Provide high quality, timely responses to enquiries, including correspondence, briefings, and requests for advice from the OLG Executive and the Minister’s office.
• Undertake project, policy and program development planning, including scoping, stakeholder consultation, developing and managing project budgets, and key milestone reporting.
• Contribute to the development, implementation and evaluation of a range of policy development projects and/or programs to enhance the capacity of local government.
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
• Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, facilitating their engagement in, and contribution to, the identification and development of policy solutions and to inform policy decision making.
• Provide a range of administrative and policy support services to meet the business needs of the Office of Local Government.

Key challenges
• Work on multiple complex connected projects to ensure effective delivery in a high-volume work environment, with competing priorities and deadlines which are often changing and unpredictable.
• Develop and maintain effective partnerships and working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, representing diverse interests and sometimes conflicting agendas.
• Maintain current knowledge of contemporary trends and developments in relation to the ongoing implementation of local government reform.

Decision making
Accountable for the reports, analysis, briefings and other forms of written advice prepared for the Office and Government, often on complex issues, although advice is usually subject to review by a more senior officer. These documents are expected to be prepared in final form with minimal input required from the manager.
Works with limited supervision and guidance to manage aspects of projects that require decisions to be made independent of the manager.
Seeks advice from the Director or other Senior Managers in relation to matters that may have whole of Department or government implications.
Operates within legislative and regulatory provisions, public sector frameworks, Department strategic and business plans, policies, delegations, budget and resource parameters

Key knowledge and experience
Knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of government, its operating environment and governing legislation.

Essential requirements
Appropriate tertiary qualifications or equivalent, relevant professional experience and training.

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