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Purpose / Role overview :

The Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) team aims to create a modern approach to capital works/ infrastructure delivery by providing systems, tools and resources to be the agents and leaders of industry reform. We do this by driving standard digital designs enabling Volumetric or Component part offsite manufacturing for onsite assembly.

The MMC team are:

  • Subject matter experts in MMC (which includes Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA))
  • Technical experts in program and portfolio management.
  • Positioned to address MMC requirements through Strategy, Implementation and Design Management 
  • To openly and proactively collaborate, lead, educate, share knowledge and assist project teams and their consultants, with the implementation of MMC and design standardisation.
  • Positioned to support the implementation of MMC  to design standardisation.

The MMC Project Design Manager (PDM) is responsible for:

  • Direct daily support to the MMC Director and Senior Design Manager.
  • Support to the broader MMC team as required.
  • Assist with all MMC initiatives undertaken by the MMC Team 
  • Support other Departments and project teams to successfully manage and implement MMC
  • Facilitating effective MMC design implementation from masterplanning through to detailed design phases including during Early Contractor Involvement (VECI & ECI) phases should they be required.
  • Development and vetting of the MMC Kit of Parts.
  • Design management of design teams and in support of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assisting the MMC team in responding to MMC-based RFI’s during all project phases.
  • Facilitate proactive identification of value-add MMC design and innovation while fostering an environment for MMC design excellence.


  • Demonstrated superior skills in all aspects of MMC/DfMA) design management and implementation.
  • A minimum 5 – 8 years industry experience on large projects across any sectors utilising MMC processes, approaches, BIM implementation and parametric modelling.
  • Promote and demonstrate a culture of excellence, collaboration, communication and innovation which is open and transparent at all times to foster trust and encourage a shared understanding of design standardisation and MMC principles with all internal and external professional stakeholders
  • Display exceptional communication and collaboration skills which in turn fosters strong relationships.
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