TRC Group Wins NSW Government C100 Contract

Submitted on Mon 20 Apr 2009

TRC Group and it's business partner Quay Appointments have been appointed to the NSW Government's new C100 panel of suppliers. TRC Group and Quay Appointments formed a consortium in response to the tendering requirements of the C100 contract (listed on the C100 as Quay Appointments) and joined forces with a number of other suppliers, mainly regional agencies, to form one of the largest and most diverse consortiums tendering for the contract.

The appointment to the contract means that TRC Group is able to continue supplying IT contractors to their long term Government clients developed under the previous 881 contract.

Simon Moss, Director of TRC Group and head of TRC's Government division, says, "the tendering process has been stressful but we've had some fantastic partners to work with. We joined with Quay Appointments because of their 20+ years experience working with the state Government and because of our similar outlook on how the consortium would work. We now have the largest consortium of Australian SME's on the contract. Quay Appointments are one of the best known brands in NSW Government recruitment and we were one of the fastest growing companies on the former 881 contract. The combination of the two has been very powerful in developing our Government brand and market share."

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