TRC Group: Bigger and Better

Submitted on Mon 18 Jul 2011

TRC Group has recently moved to a bigger and better office, the latest step in the company's ambitious expansion strategy which has recently included the doubling of the sales team and the opening of two new divisions; TRC Professional/Technical (engineering, construction and mining recruitment) and TRC Marketing and Communications. After staying in their previous office in George Street Sydney for 8 years, the company has found the perfect new spot to establish the foundations for their ambitious objective to grow exponentially in the next coming years.

TRC Group's strategy for success involves the simple philosophy of ensuring the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees evident in the new office design and the newly established 'Personalised Employee Rewards Scheme' (PERS) program. Much of the design of the new office has been modeled to the famous 'Googleplex' with a Foosball table, Playstation, Wii, free coffee for all employees, company bar, a large flat screen TV with Foxtel and a media centre, all found in an open, comfortable space overlooking the fantastic skyscraper views of the Sydney CBD. According to Stephanie Huet, one of TRC Group's employees, the new office design, particularly the Games Room, is a great place to catch a quiet, relaxing moment, to interact with colleagues in an informal setting and to recharge one's batteries on very tough, busy days. "We're all very happy," Stephanie said when asked about the impact of the new office, "the design of the office and the fun extras have really contributed to a great office atmosphere."

When asked about the principle behind the exciting change, Simon Moss, TRC Group's Managing Director and the mastermind behind the 'TRCplex' office emphasised the importance of retaining quality employees, "In the highly competitive recruitment industry, it is paramount to nurture the relationships you have with both Clients and Candidates to maintain and grow your network which is vital to any recruiter. The people who manage these relationships are our employees and the instance that they are unhappy or leave, it endangers these relationships. We believe that we have an industry leading employee benefits package and we now have a great setting for our team to work. Overall our strategy is quite straightforward: having happy employees makes good business sense."

Despite TRC Group's momentous move to the spacious, modern office as it continues it's impressive expansion, Simon emphasises that the TRC Group's core promise hasn't changed: high quality recruitment service in niche, specialist markets. "We've set ourselves a challenging goal that we are going to achieve by 2020; we're only going to get bigger and better from here. But we're not going to be like your typical company that loses focus and forgets what we are supposed to be doing just because we have grown. We know what we're good at and we are sticking with that."

TRC Group's 'TRCplex' can be found on Level 15, 1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000. TRC Group specialises in recruitment in the following industries: IT, Government, Marketing and Communications, Construction, Engineering, Mining and Executive-level recruitment.

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