Giant Steps to the Finish Line

Submitted on Thu 22 Sep 2011

TRC Group braves the 43 km Sydney Running Festival marathon.

After months of preparation and raising $5,000 for Giant Steps, a school and charity dedicated to offering assistance and support for children and their families who live with autism, TRC Group braved the Sydney Running Marathon on Sunday, September 18, 2011 despite the scorching 29 degree heat.

The team split up to compete in three different races on the day; 4 consultants battled the challenging Full Marathon which was 43 km, a course which twisted and turned around the infamous landmarks of Sydney. According to Charlie, one of TRC Group's specialist recruiters, the last 12 km of the marathon was the most challenging, "The 'wall' hit me and it was such a struggle for both the mind and body. The heat was overwhelming, my limbs weighed like rocks and every step from then on was a breaking point."

Despite the physically and mentally demanding nature of the Full Marathon, the TRC team went better than expected with Charlie attaining the best time of 3 hours and 40 minutes and the others finishing in a similar time frame.

Four consultants took on the Half Marathon which was a 23 km ordeal. Dan, TRC Group's Sales Manager had just come back from holidays and had missed out on a month's worth of preparation time for the marathon. He crossed the finish line after 2 hours and 4 minutes, a remarkable effort which he himself is even finding hard to believe, "It's a miracle I got around at all with the amount I had eaten when I was away!"

Giant Steps has been TRC Group's charity of choice for nearly 5 years. The partnership has grown over time with TRC Group engaging in fundraising work at least 3 times a year exclusively for this unique school in Gladesville. 

All donations are greatly appreciated and will make a world of difference.

TRC Group's branded running shirts were made by TobyandNic

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