TRC Group Kicks Off New Learning Initiative with Juice TDP

Submitted on Wed 09 Nov 2011

TRC Group partners with Juice TDP to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of existing recruitment processes.

In a move to bolster its staff retention strategy and improve its in-house training capabilities, the TRC Group has today announced that it is the first recruitment agency in Australia to implement the Juice Talent Development Platform (Juice TDP). The deployment is part of a company-wide focus to provide staff with a consistent learning environment that allows them to develop key skills such as winning new clients, the use of social media, adhere to best practices and make better user of their working day. 
Juice TDP, launched on 7th November, is the first on-demand video learning platform designed specifically for recruiters. It combines comedic drama with expert Q&A sessions, how to guides and practical sessions to aid long-term retention. Staff at all levels from across the TRC Group will be able to learn new skills or pick up some new tips from networking, through to head hunting candidates.

According to Simon Moss, TRC Group's Managing Director, signing up for Juice's industry-first online learning platform had been an easy decision to make, "A great feature of Juice is that it has been easy to customise and tailor to our existing internal training program rather than having to replace it."

"There are endless opportunities to learn new ways of improving existing business processes whilst empowering your staff with new skills and improved ways of thinking and doing. TRC Group is proud to be the first recruitment agency in Australia to implement this amazing learning platform."

Matt Trott, Managing Director of Juice TDP Asia Pacific says, “Making a strategic investment in learning will help TRC Group to attract and retain the best recruitment talent in Australia. Unlike traditional ad hoc methods, Juice delivers interactive, fun and impactful content that is available at the click of a button. As a result learning becomes ingrained into the culture of a company, giving staff a boost and equipping them with the knowledge needed to forge ahead in their career.”

The Juice TDP has enabled TRC Group to cultivate a continuous approach to learning that is helping to increase the skills base of its staff and the company has already seen a noticeable difference in motivation. By immediately applying what they have learnt to real life situations, employees have been able to increase their long-term retention of skills and feel more confident in approaching new situations.

"At the end of the day, we want our employees to know that they are highly valued and we are here to give them a leg-up in developing their careers." Simon Moss concludes, "We believe in their potential so we are giving them every opportunity to be the best that they can be."

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