TRC is Australia's 10th Best Place to Work

Submitted on Thu 21 Jun 2012

TRC Group has been named one of the 50 best places to work in Australia by the Great Place to Work Institute’s 2012 survey, published in BRW magazine. The accolade has placed the Australian recruitment company amongst the exclusive ranks of the country’s largest and leading workplaces such as OBS (1st), NetApp Australia (2nd) and Google (3rd).

This achievement highlights TRC Group’s dedication to its people, its focus on developing a progressive company culture and its strong business position.

Simon Moss, Managing Director of TRC Group, was pleased to accept the award at the BRW awards gala last night, “We are honoured to be recognised in BRW’s Best Places to Work list on our first year of entry. We have worked hard over the years on numerous initiatives and programs that foster openness, transparency, employee development and employee involvement within TRC Group.  All our efforts have finally paid off in the form of a company that has an energetic, fun-loving and quality-committed culture where we all love to work."

“This achievement is a great example of how investing and focusing on your people provides significant returns. Since the implementation of these programs and initiatives, statistics have shown that TRC Group has benefited from an average staff tenure that is twice the industry average. We now also have a unique team of happy, passionate professionals who care about the work they do and the results they achieve. Our success is a testament to the amazing and talented group of people we have."

A clear company vision guided by strong company values of respect, commitment, teamwork and quality is another aspect that has contributed to TRC Group's  formidable position in the BRW Best Paces to Work rankings. The company's goals are constantly reiterated and employees know that their actions directly impact the company's  ability to achieve both its short and long term objectives.

This approach has resulted in empowered staff who understand that their contributions are valued and necessary in order for the company to progress and reach its vision.

In line with this, Simon further comments that  keeping employees engaged and involved is the key, "Knowing that the company has an ambitious and specific goal that employees  find exciting and challenging, and knowing that they play an important part in helping us achieve it, results in employees having a sense of purpose and pride in their work. We give our people the tools they need, a clear outline of what they need to do and the confidence to get on and do it."

"Sometimes it can really just be about working in a place that respects you, supports you and pushes you to realise and reach your own potential."

BRW ‘s Top 50 Great Places to Work list is based on research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute Australia, which surveyed more than 291 companies and 68,005 employees.  The research involves the completion of an employee survey and a cultural audit which is a two-part management questionnaire.  Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organisations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures.

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