Jurassic Perks Roaring to Go

Submitted on Thu 04 Oct 2012

TRC Group has recently launched 'Jurassic Perks', its first benefits package for contractors. Jurassic Perks offers back to back discounts  to TRC contractors and employees and is made up of products and services from a range of businesses in the TRC community.  From the very beginning, Simon Moss, TRC's Managing Director had envisioned Jurassic Perks instigating a sense of community by connecting people and businesses.

"Our aim with Jurassic Perks  is to provide something a little unusual for our contractors," Simon stated, "Some additional, genuinely useful benefits beyond those normally offered by other agencies our size and an avenue to promote the businesses of friends, relatives or people we  know and bring them into the TRC community."

"We want to build something that is a real industry first ."

Participating businesses include NAB who is offering discounts on home loan packages and GoGet Car Share, a company offering an innovative service that beats the costs associated with car ownership and car hire.  Other businesses involved include restaurants, catering and financial services.

A significant point of difference of Jurassic Perks is that it is housed in TRCWiki.  TRCWiki, launched last July  is an online interactive employment resource library that allows users to access invaluable employment related resources, engage with other professionals and to share their experiences. It is a growing online platform with over 1000 members.  According to Simon, the combination of Jurassic perks and TRC Wiki makes all the difference,

"It's great because it allows the ability to share ideas and experiences, vet new companies before they are added, and discuss ideas for types of companies contractors would like to see in the future.  Also the fact that contractors can bring businesses they know of into the community gives them an active role, they're not just part of the community, they are the community and they drive it."

The list of featured businesses is expected to grow as TRC Group partners up with more and more companies who are able to offer its contractors an abundance of discounted services.  If you or someone you know has a business that you feel would be of interest to TRC Group's contractors, email Andrea on [email protected] to express your interest. 

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