Multicultural Food Day 2012

Submitted on Mon 22 Oct 2012

In true TRC style, International Food Day was celebrated last Tuesday the 16th of October 2012 with a spread of mouth-watering dishes from around the globe.

It was with much excitement that staff volunteered themselves to bring a little something from their countries of origin. Most took it as a great opportunity to show off their cooking prowess (we have a few self-pronounced master chefs in the office!) while others just looked forward to the chance of mingling with everyone during lunch whilst nibbling on a diverse array of specialty dishes. To mention a few, there was authentic and freshly baked Irish grain bread, a hearty Irish lamb and vegetable stew, Filipino noodles called 'Pancit' and a variety of rice cakes, Australian meat pies, Swedish chocolate balls, English scones, specialty Welsh scones, Belgian waffles, German pretzels and the stand out favourite of the day which was the freshly baked English rhubarb crumble (Thanks David!).

The celebration truly reflected the diverse team at TRC Group and the day was a great success! A big thank you to Elly for organising the event and for the staff who brought in their dishes to share with everyone. We have a great team here at TRC and our unique cultural backgrounds have a way of contributing to the amazing atmosphere we have here in the office. We couldn't imagine it to be any other way!

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