TRC on safari

Submitted on Wed 15 May 2013

On Thursday May 2nd, TRC's top 5 performing consultants took to the skies and set off for an African safari adventure. Aleks, Anna-Maria, Jen, Dave, and Geoff arrived in Johannesburg where the adventure began...

On Friday the team set out for their first day on safari. The action began on their first trip out at 4:30 in the afternoon. The group were introduced to their driver Sam, who became better known as "Macdaddy." Macdaddy brought the group out to the lion enclosure to watch them during feeding time then took the group to play with the young lion cubs before returning to their accommodation, Thandeka Lodge, for the night.

Saturday brought an early start, with the team meeting their safari group at 6:15am. The day was action packed with the team seeing zebras, deer, giraffes, kudus, and the tamed cheetah Zafari. They then took to the lion enclosure again to see the lion cubs. When no one was looking, the team decided to "borrow" a couple of lion cubs to lap up the luxury of their lodge for the night. Several adorable pictures ensued...

Sunday proved to be very eventful, with the team spending time with baby cheetahs who were happy to trail alongside the group and received pats from everyone. In the evening, the group were lucky enough to come in close contact with a herd of wild buffalo, a surreal experience for all. They also checked out the lion enclosure where Geoff had his camera bag stolen by a couple sneaky lions. Not wanting to start a confrontation with the lions, Geoff chalked it up to payback for "borrowing" their cubs the previous night and let them keep his camera bag.

Monday drew the trip to the close, with the group leaving for the airport at 11am. However, this did not mean the adventure stopped. Once the team was checked in and ready to go, they were hit with another twist to their African safari - being told that their plane needed repairs and the flight would be delayed for 24 hours. The then very tired team headed to a local hotel to get some rest before finally catching their flight the following morning.

The team had a great time on their African safari adventure with all of them agreeing that it was one of the best trips they'd ever been on. Fun and adventure aside, the group were happy to see the Sydney airport and make it home safely unscathed by any of Africa's amazing creatures.

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