Our 2014 AGM

Submitted on Thu 06 Feb 2014

Wednesday February 5th marked an important day for TRC Group as we held our Annual General Meeting.

This year we opted to host the meeting with understated class at The Menzies Sydney. 2013 was a significant year in TRC history and the AGM was highly anticipated by everyone in the team as they awaited the unveiling of the plans for 2014. As is the tradition, the early part of the year was devoted to the preparation for the AGM.

After many hours spent in the TRC boardroom over the month of January Simon, Sarah, Geoff and Laura perfected their presentation to the team. When the day of the meeting came, nerves hummed along for each presenter as this year was one filled with significant changes to the very core of the company.

With a review of the structural changes rolled out over the course of 2013 and big ideas planned for 2014, the TRC team took well to the proposed year to come and proposed many ideas of their own for how they believed the year would play out.

After the main presentation, the most exciting part of the meeting each year is the announcement of the employee awards. The categories this year ranged from Best Implemented Idea to the coveted Director's Award to recognise outstanding contribution to TRC Group's operations over the course of the previous year.

In the end, nearly every member of the team received an award with a surprised and gracious Sarah Banek taking home the Director's Award. To close off the meeting the team celebrated their accomplishments in 2013 and the year to come in true TRC style in the downstairs Piano Bar followed by a colourful and festive dinner at Contrabando.

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