TRC does Casino Royale

Submitted on Thu 22 May 2014

For anyone who has TRC's blog articles on becoming a best place to work you will know that we always try and stay ahead of the curve in finding new and exciting ways to incentivize our team.

Having established some key milestones to achieve as a business this year, to keep things fun, and us on track, we put considerable thought and effort into what we could do with the team on achieving these goals. Over the years, one of our favourite past times has been to play roulette, sporting our very own TRC roulette table, as a way to drive activity and reward results. Chips are awarded daily for money making activities, and every afternoon at 5pm we spin the wheel and play the odds, with a pot of highly sought after cash-in-hand for the winner.

And so it was that we put together a casino night at the Star Casino, to celebrate our first milestone. As the boy scout motto goes 'always be prepared' we ran a roulette incentive for the two weeks leading up to our night our of glitz and glamour, to ensure just that. The team was given $100 each to gamble with on the night.

In true TRC form we paved the way with pizza and champagne, dressed up in our finest to mark the occasion, and headed off to play. Cocktails in Rocklilly, some big wins and bigger losses on roulette tables, a short stint on the craps tables, and a finale on the Texas Hold'em poker tables saw some of us come out significantly up, and others a few pennies down. Whatever the outcome, the team had a ball, and the night was an unequivocal success.


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