Hitting 125% of Target in October

Submitted on Fri 07 Nov 2014

October was an absolutely cracking month for hitting and exceeding target. For the first time in as long as we can remember we hit target a week early.

With a week to go, we upped the anti, and went hard for 125% company wide. The team pulled together, went full steam ahead and  hit it. What a month! To celebrate in true TRC style, we headed to Circular Quay for afternoon cocktails. We were then  picked up by water taxi and  taken to Ayers offices on Jones Wharf. Sporting a  balcony overlooking the water, Ayers (our  partnered contractor management company) spoilt us with  live music , BBQ, beers and syringes of "blood" for Halloween (vodka and grenadine).

To incentivize and reward 125%, we gave the entire company Wednesday morning off after Melbourne Cup, to lie in, nurse hangovers, beach, breakfast and generally relax for the morning. Happy days! 

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