The Recruitment Company turns 15

Submitted on Fri 29 May 2015

I’ve worked for The Recruitment Company for 14 years. I’ve called it home longer than any place I’ve ever lived. The people who work here, have worked here and who form the wider community around the company form some of my closest friends.

I’ve literally shed blood, sweat and tears in the name of the company. I’ve seen it shine through more market downturns than I care to remember and I’ve seen it challenge the norms, fight against the commoditation of our industry and redefine what recruiters can expect from their place of work.  The Recruitment Company is a company I can say I genuinely love.


So it is with much pride that I celebrate The Recruitment Company’s 15th birthday.


We’ve grown consistently over the years, never stagnating, always evolving.  We’ve done some exciting things – some worked, many didn’t but all were fun. But through everything, the one thing that has remained at the core is The Recruitment Company’s focus on being an amazing place to work.


We had a fairly low key birthday celebration. (for those of us that remember our 10th birthday party this was very low key in comparison).  We took the team to Luna Park for some childish shenanigans and a spectacular viewing of the Vivid lightshow.


Happy birthday TRC – here’s to 15 years more

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