The Recruitment Company appoints new Directors

Submitted on Mon 01 Jun 2015

The Recruitment Company is a values driven organisation and one of our core values is to learning and developing – “masters of the old, scholars of the new.”

 To drive this mindset, and to reap the benefits of it, The Recruitment Company has a policy of developing leaders from within.   We hire based on values fit, ability and potential via a pretty stringent and, quite frankly daunting, hiring process.  We then develop our people with constant training, both external and internal. We run constant recruitment technique training and also run a regular leadership training program (a sort of TRC MBA) for anyone within the company who is interested in learning and developing. 

Why am I telling you this?  “Why is this in then news section?” you may well ask. Sarah, Geoff and Laura have been with The Recruitment Company for a long time. They joined as front line sales people in the case of Geoff and Sarah and as an ccountant in Laura’s case. After yearsof moving up within the company,, training ain a fairly ecleptic range of skills and developing their careers in unexpected directions the three have now been appointed as Directors of The Recruitment Company..

Congratulations you three, it’s a well deserved appointment that now gives The Recruitment Company an even stronger board of Directors.

It’s also a testament to our hiring and development policies that our board and senior leadership team is 50/50 male/female, proof that genuine diversity is a natural by-product when you hire on values, ability and potential alone.  Its also exciting for those future leaders within the company who are currently going through our leadership development program.

Well done Sarah, Laura and Geoff, we’re looking forward to the contribution you’ll make to the company.

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