Restaurant Review - Sepia

Submitted on Fri 14 Aug 2015

Overall 3/5


Caroline 5/5

Blew me away! Exceeded all my expectations. Sepia came highly recommended by one of my friends, a top chef in Sydney. When I looked at the online menu, I had a giggle as the culinary jargon really didn’t inspire me. Nevertheless, I was ready to try this mysterious blend of flavours!

Firstly, I wasn’t that impressed with the decor. We went there at lunch time and I believe there will be a much better atmosphere in the evening. It was gorgeous weather and with no real view I had a bit of "being outside envy". The staff couldn't have been more professional and friendly, really impressed. But then, the magic began, every course was a feast and explosion of flavours that hit new heights every bite I took!   Sepia 5/5 for anyone who adores fine dining food.

Mark 2/5

The food at Sepia looks fantastic but lacks in flavour and is highly overpriced. I left the venue feeling hungry. Service was excellent but atmosphere was probably not what you would want from a lunch club experience. 

James 2/5

Staff were amazing, very well educated on the menu and how the dish was created. Every course was laid at the same time and cleared in one swoop, something many restaurants do not get right.  Slightly awkward going to the toilet as they buzz you out the restaurant and it’s like a race to the door to make sure you are not waiting. Good and bad I guess.

Every course looked like a piece of art but for me did not live up to the visual image, I am not the biggest raw fish fan so maybe this was part of it.

Having been at Rockpool the day before it simply did not live up to expectation J

Glad to say I have been and of course checked in on Facebook but will not go there again.

Simon 2/5

Sepia was a bit under whelming.  The food looked fantastic, the staff were great, the set up was relaxed and faultless. But the food was a bit tasteless. The first few fish dishes lacked much flavor, the crustation in truffle was too much flavor and the desert tasted a bit like cholate muesli.  Definitely worth a visit but probably not a second.  5/5 for the staff and look of the food, 1/5 for the taste.  Overall a 2/5 from me

Emer 4/10

Great service, lovely people. Not for the faint hearted or 'texturally challenged'. Unfortunately the raw fish and bursting caviar was wasted on my pallet, however the presentation was stunning. The pleasant staff who laughed at our bad jokes helped to ease the tension of some uncertain dinners. It's an 4/10 for this uncultured consultant.


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