Embarking on an Escape Hunt!

Submitted on Tue 13 Oct 2015

Here at The Recruitment Company we really thrive on our team and its’ culture. With five new employees all starting within the same month, we thought it significant that we show them how much we appreciate each other and why that is so important to us.

On Friday we kicked off the weekend early, leaving the office and embarking on an Escape Hunt. Dividing our 20 into smaller teams, we were then locked in a room for an hour, having to solve riddles and puzzles to figure our way out – we couldn’t have found a more suitable team building exercise!

Escape Hunt was able to challenge our minds and ensure we worked collaboratively – with a mixture of people in each group that don’t usually work together. After this, of course, we continued on our journey to the Ivy Pool bar – what an exceptional afternoon!

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