Byron Bay!

Submitted on Mon 18 Jan 2016

Towards the middle of 2016 we set our team a very ambitious 3 month goal; whilst being partnered with someone they don’t usually work with, reaching 125% of target.. Throwing them out of their comfort zones and giving them a rather great challenge!


Our winning teams, James & Jen, Chris & Charlie, all went above and beyond, reaching the target! What a success!


To celebrate, Sarah (our People & Performance Director) got to take them on a luxury weekend away to the divine Byron Bay! With private chauffeurs picking them up and taking them to and from the Airports and their poolside pad right in the heart of Byron, to say these consultants were spoilt is an understatement. Leaving their troubles behind, TRC got to treat the star recruiters to cocktails, copious amounts of mouthwatering food and even some dancing at La La Land (thanks to the cocktails, I’m sure!)!


Celebrating our successes is definitely something we do well here at The Recruitment Company – here’s to 2016 and all of those targets we will be smashing out of the park!

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