Off to the Theatre!

Submitted on Mon 08 Feb 2016

Not wanting to sit us in a dull, corporately styled room, they decided to rent out King Street Theatre, setting a casual yet exceptional tone for the day.


The Recruitment Company is big on communication and along with our weekly team meetings, the Directors like to get us doing all sorts of team events, holding our Annual General Meeting is definitely a very important one.


Celebrating our successes we shared for the previous year and building on our weaknesses with new strategies, that were introduced in this meeting, they definitely had their work cut out for them!


Announcing a new untethered breakthrough for the team was sweet relief to many ears, bringing empowerment to the team by allowing us to make even more independent decisions and surpassing our expectations by announcing the newly appointed Managing Director.


Congratulations Geoff! Big shoes to fill, but I am sure your marathon-running feet can fit!

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