TRC's Monthly Lunch Club

Submitted on Wed 13 Apr 2016

Geoff - 

"Café Sydney is a favourite of the team and it never fails to deliver. It is a sensory overload - Spectacular views, amazing aroma and a feast fit for Kings and Queens. We dined the afternoon away with scallops, Tandoori Salmon, unbelievable deserts and finished of this amazing meal with the obligatory round of Espresso Martini’s. Café Sydney, we will be back again and I am already looking forward to the experience."

Ciaran -

"5 Star Exceptional.  Café Sydney always offers a diligent and comprehensive service to its clients.  I wish more restaurants could take my order so efficiently and follow up with a well-executed service.  The Espresso Martini’s post dinner were an especially nice touch that did not go unnoticed.  I would recommend Café Sydney to all of my colleagues who may be requiring a full service restaurant."

Jen -

"Café Sydney never disappoints, the perfect spot for a special occasion / treat. Food and service was spot on, especially the chocolate brownie, it  well worth deviating from the diet for!"

Carly -

"Good food and lovely views, even in the rain. Café Sydney is always a nice treat, especially the desert platter – amazing!"

Emer -

"Café Sydney did not disappoint. The menu catered for all tastes leaving everyone at our table satisfied with their choices! I would go there just for the chocolate brownie alone! Watch out for your wine though, there are patrons around with wandering hands!"

Dave -

"Café Sydney offers the full package with a stunning view, superb staff and a tasty menu that has always made it a favourite for TRC lunch clubs. Once again it didn’t disappoint with the duck fat roast potatoes a massive hit. There was a difficult decision to make at the end of the meal. Do I go for the rhubarb delice or chocolate brownie. In the end, rhubarb came out on top and what a finish it was!"

Liesel -

"As a first time to Café Sydney it did not disappoint. Great menu, attentive service, amazing views, the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon."


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